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  • In our FALL issue of MILIEU, we reveal our favorite Seekers, people we have written about, featured, and continue to celebrate because they possess a unique vision. These are people who have changed the world of design, who see the world in splendid ways that inspire everyone.
  • Home, family, friends, good health-these are the elements of life that matter and inspire. We do our best in every issue to celebrate the good life. It's what we have right now-so enjoy it all, embrace it all, share it all.
  • The new and the renewed—that is how we greet springtime in our new issue. Yes, there's all the new blossoms of the season and the arrival of warmth, but there's also the joy of renewing old houses and hotels with fresh designs and new ideas. Those who create also create new ideas in us.
  • MILIEU’s Winter 2019 issue reveals how interior designs of all styles can appeal to anyone when done well and with integrity. We are all open to more ideas than we realize.
  • This issue marks our fifth anniversary! We celebrate this important milestone by doing what we do best—feature inspiring design.