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Imagining Home


Even before they found it and moved in, a London design couple knew exactly the kind of house they wanted for themselves and their children

Imagining Home2023-06-01T10:14:43-05:00

Shore Lines


After living for decades in the Spanish countryside, two designers moved to the main street of a Catalan village, where they have become daily players in its life

Shore Lines2023-06-01T10:14:51-05:00

Creative License


Can a graphic designer and creative director also be a fine artist? Yes, as Lisa Hunt proves repeatedly.

Creative License2023-06-01T10:14:34-05:00

The French Connection


La Bastide de Moustiers, in the south of France, began as a simple farm dwelling. Under the tutelage of chef Alain Ducasse, it has morphed into a home that welcomes everyone.

The French Connection2023-06-01T10:14:25-05:00

Going Natural


As a traveling exhibition of works by Edvard Munch makes clear, the artist invested his scenes of nature with as much emotion and personality as he did his figures

Going Natural2023-06-01T10:14:16-05:00

In Full Bloom


The best experiences of the outdoors were found indoors at the 33rd annual Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville in February. MILIEU was honored to be the national media sponsor of the opening keynote lecture, “The Beauty of Home & Entertaining with Aerin & Alice,” referring to Aerin Lauder, who heads her namesake brand, AERIN, and Alice Naylor-Leyland, who founded the tablescape brand Mrs. Alice.

In Full Bloom2023-06-01T12:00:15-05:00

A Greek Idyll


Miguel Flores-Vianna has been everywhere in the world and has met, seemingly, everyone worth meeting in it, “Greece has been a constant part of the rhythm of my life.” In his new book, Haute Bohemians: Greece, the Argentine-born Flores-Vianna writes of his ongoing travels to the southernmost country in Europe.

A Greek Idyll2023-06-01T10:14:09-05:00

Conversations with Mili


As an interior designer, I am on a constant search for unique products and interesting artisans to introduce into my projects. When I discovered KUFRI textiles hand-woven fabrics and pillows by Mili Suleman, I was immediately impressed by its craftsmanship and ethos.

Conversations with Mili2023-05-23T15:19:56-05:00

Recipe for Success


The new Pret-a-Porter program and range colors from L’Atelier Paris will make your kitchen a feast for the eyes.  What used to happen every season in Paris ready-to-wear fashion, is now happening in your own kitchen.

Recipe for Success2023-06-01T13:32:51-05:00

Suzanne Kasler: Edited Style


For those who know and follow the work of interior designer Suzanne Kasler, it’s a particular thrill to see her own home as the first featured project in her new book, Suzanne Kasler: Edited Style. Long known for her ability to fashion elegant, serene interiors in every type of residence in every part of the world in which she works, here in this volume we begin with her Regency-style home in Atlanta.

Suzanne Kasler: Edited Style2023-05-09T14:23:03-05:00


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