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Laying New Ground


American designer Timothy Corrigan finds and restores French châteaux and their gardens. His new royal home is surrounded by plantings that are set to grow well into the future.

Laying New Ground2024-06-03T16:18:55-05:00

Design Theory


For his clients, Oliver Furth brought a vintage Beverly Hills house into the present—opening up its rooms for an active family and embracing California sunlight and air

Design Theory2024-06-03T16:17:18-05:00

How The West Is Worn


After years in the fashion industry, Lela Rose has embraced her Texas roots and her love of the American West to create a select line of clothing that honors the region and the women who live there

How The West Is Worn2024-06-03T16:17:12-05:00

Mothers of Nature


The Garden Girls of Houston regard the growing of vegetables, fruits, and flowers as soulful activities. They plant not only seeds, but also memories for their clients

Mothers of Nature2024-06-03T16:17:07-05:00

My Italian Idyll


MILIEU's Avery Bowers is moving to New York City to attend graduate school and earn her master's degree in interior design. Prior, though, to immersing herself in her studies, she traveled to Italy, documenting the art, architecture, and sights that inspired her

My Italian Idyll2024-06-03T16:16:59-05:00

An English Sojourn


Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU's Design Director, traveled to England with her son, Christopher, who will soon enroll at Oxford University. Along the way, they experienced much about the country, taking shots of places they knew they'd always remember seeing together

An English Sojourn2024-06-03T16:16:54-05:00

In Full Bloom


An exhibition this summer at London’s Garden Museum reveals the gardens created by four women and how those natural spaces influenced their lives and British culture

In Full Bloom2024-06-03T16:16:48-05:00

Camera Ready


It makes sense that the chapters of Kathryn Ireland’s new book, A Life In Design (Cico Books), would be named for her favorite movies. Even though she generously cites her “wonderful crew” and many enlightened clients for whom she designs interiors as reasons for her success, she remains the star of every project she undertakes.

Camera Ready2024-06-03T16:16:42-05:00

Garden Masterpieces


The gardens and grounds of England’s Helmingham Hall are now “growing” with sculptures by David Harber. His large-scale works, made of copper, bronze, stone, and steel, were chosen for the grounds by Harber and Sophie Tollemache, the custodian of the great English house.

Garden Masterpieces2024-06-12T09:27:24-05:00


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