In Good Time


A Parisian antiques dealer found the perfect antique—a centuries-old house in Normandy that he has restored into a masterpiece for today

In Good Time2024-03-01T09:40:53-06:00

House of their Dreams


A creative Houston couple envisioned a new look for their century-old cottage. After a complete redoing, the big picture is now complete

House of their Dreams2024-04-05T10:36:34-05:00

A Classic Returns


With the reissue of The Private House, author, antiquarian, and visionary designer Rose Tarlow reflects on the creation of her 2001 cult favorite

A Classic Returns2024-03-01T09:39:57-06:00

English Essence, French Perfume


A singularly charming English-style rose garden—where 500 varieties of the delicate perennial mingle with garden brocante, handcrafted structures, and free-roaming animals—flourishes in France’s Loire Valley

English Essence, French Perfume2024-03-01T09:39:50-06:00

Kingdoms of Riches


An exhibition in New York of Indian court paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries reveals one collector’s passion for cultures and traditions far distant from his own—but which speak to all people

Kingdoms of Riches2024-03-01T09:39:33-06:00

MILIEU In Nashville


In January, the 34th Annual Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville opened its doors to design, antiques, and garden enthusiasts from around the country. The show floor, a myriad of vendor booths and installations of greenhouses and living gardens, brought the flora outdoors indoors.

MILIEU In Nashville2024-03-06T15:41:16-06:00

The Nature of Things


A noted London design couple look often to what lies outdoors—the shapes, forms, flora, colors of the natural world—for inspiration about how to live inside their home

The Nature of Things2024-04-05T10:45:44-05:00

Montecito Mellow


A couple decided to scale back to a smaller house in their hometown, but needed Richard Hallberg to make it bright and serene with California light

Montecito Mellow2024-04-05T10:39:27-05:00

Modern Vintage


Heidi Caillier was intent on mixing eras and moods in a client’s century-old house in a quiet Seattle neighborhood

Modern Vintage2023-12-05T11:49:29-06:00


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