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Best in Show


Go behind MILIEU's Spring 2021 cover story with Katrin Cargill, MILIEU European Editor, to learn about her creative process and the special challenges she faced—and overcame—to produce this glorious photoshoot.

Best in Show2022-04-06T06:07:57-05:00

The Wish List


The MILIEU team members reveal what's on their personal wish list for the coming year—from the extravagant to simple pleasures—it's the ultimate gift guide for you and anyone on your list!

The Wish List2022-05-13T02:57:06-05:00

Showhouse 2020


MILIEU Magazine is thrilled to announce its first-ever designer showhouse to benefit Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer. When all of the rooms were finished and the door was open for the 2020 MILIEU Designer Showhouse, we were thrilled to reveal the phenomenal work by our distinguished ensemble of designers.

Showhouse 20202022-05-13T02:56:13-05:00

A Gusto Garden


Your table will look its best, year-round, when adorned with Casa Gusto's new, all-white tole flowers. The neutral palette works in any setting at any time of year. These flowers are always in bloom.

A Gusto Garden2022-05-13T03:24:35-05:00

Doing the Charleston


The owner of GDC Home shares his family's history in the dry goods business dating back to 1781, as well as a glimpse into his enterprise today.

Doing the Charleston2022-05-13T03:25:15-05:00

Through The Gate


Shannon Bowers sits down with Rozanne for some shop talk revealing whats behind the welcoming spirit of The Iron Gate and how it endures with time.

Through The Gate2022-05-13T03:26:42-05:00

Home Sweet Home


Growing their business from a ten-foot-square antiques booth to a 16,000-square-foot design destination, the proprietors of Back Row Home reflect on friendship, travels, and becoming Houston's one-stop-shop for European finds and modern necessities.

Home Sweet Home2022-05-16T06:36:50-05:00

Well Cooked


Kitchen specialist L'Atelier Paris opens its flagship West Coast location in West Hollywood, bringing the brand's handcrafted kitchens to the California design community for the first time

Well Cooked2022-05-16T06:35:28-05:00

If These Walls Could Talk


Artist and designer Paul Montgomery shares news of his exciting new endeavor, The Mural Source, with MILIEUs Style and Market Editor, Lucy Bamman.

If These Walls Could Talk2022-05-16T06:34:39-05:00

Old School at Old Plank


Shannon Bowers, MILIEUs Editor-at-Large, who has long loved antiques and works with them regularly in her own interior design projects, wanted to hear from one of the best sources in America, Old Plank Antiques, about the business.

Old School at Old Plank2022-05-16T06:33:22-05:00


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