Collection of Swedish Bowls and Table


COLLECTION OF SWEDISH BOWLS AND TABLE Collection of 18th-c. and 19th-c. Swedish bowls, Swedish butter stand, and 19th-c. table with single drawer, W. GARDNER, LTD.,

Collection of Swedish Bowls and Table2022-06-02T12:06:46-05:00

Tumbler Cups, Iron Lantern, and Sculpture Base


TUMBLER CUPS, IRON LANTERN, AND SCULPTURE BASE Silver hand-beaten tumbler cups by Rose Uniacke, BROOKS THOMAS, Canvas and iron lantern, NICKY HASLAM STUDIO,  Ivory rice stone Cubist sculpture on base, by Arteriors, TRIBUTE GOODS,  [...]

Tumbler Cups, Iron Lantern, and Sculpture Base2022-06-02T12:06:55-05:00

Welsh Windsor Chair and Pine Cricket Table


WELSH WINDSOR CHAIR AND PINE CRICKET TABLE 18th-c. primitive Welsh Windsor armchair, 19th-c. pine cricket table with early brown paint, SKELTON CULVER STEFFLEN,  19th-c. etched Cotswolds pitcher, vintage coupes Lyon, BACK ROW HOME,  [...]

Welsh Windsor Chair and Pine Cricket Table2022-06-02T12:07:01-05:00

Creamware and Demilune Console


CREAMWARE AND DEMILUNE CONSOLE Creamware jelly molds, pair of Swedish canisters, ironstone hot water pitcher, pair of 19th-c. creamware tureens, white Monteith bowl, mustard jar on a stand, pair of 18th-c. demilune consoles, all W. GARDNER, LTD.,  [...]

Creamware and Demilune Console2022-06-02T12:07:08-05:00

Candelabra, Ceramic Candlestick, and Chinese Oil Burners


CANDELABRA, CERAMIC CANDLESTICK, AND CHINESE OIL BURNERS 19th-c. wire candelabra, W. GARDNER, LTD.,  18th-c. Dutch ceramic candlestick, and pair of Chinese oil burners, W. GARDNER, LTD., 

Candelabra, Ceramic Candlestick, and Chinese Oil Burners2022-06-02T12:07:24-05:00

Collection of Glassware and Worktable


COLLECTION OF GLASSWARE AND WORKTABLE 19th-c. French apothecary double flacon and 19th-c. English glass tazze, W. GARDNER, LTD., Antique etched pitchers, decanters, and wine glasses, CHATEAU DOMINGUE,  Large decanter, SIMON PEARCE, 19th-c. Swedish porcelain [...]

Collection of Glassware and Worktable2022-06-02T12:07:31-05:00

Porcelain Bowl and Demilune Console


PORCELAIN BOWL AND DEMILUNE CONSOLE Reticulated porcelain bowl from Lyon, BACK ROW HOME,  18th-c. Swedish pine demilune console, W. GARDNER, LTD., 

Porcelain Bowl and Demilune Console2022-06-02T12:07:37-05:00


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