Freud Armchair


FREUD ARMCHAIR Freud armchair, HOWE LONDON,, covered in Taza, color: Indigo, GUY GOODFELLOW COLLECTION,, trimmed in Inca tassel fringe, color: Azul, SAMUEL & SONS,; cushion in Poulton stripe (item #L-061), FERMOIE at WELLS ABBOTT, [...]

Freud Armchair2022-08-31T10:07:01-05:00

Brewster Chair


BREWSTER CHAIR Brewster chair, GEORGE SMITH at BROOKS THOMAS,, in Armand Stripe, color: Catnip, CLASSIC CLOTH,, trimmed in Torero beaded fringe, color: Nopal, SAMUEL & SONS, Background fabric in Georgina, color: Oatmeal, OTIS TEXTILES, [...]

Brewster Chair2022-08-31T10:07:28-05:00

Jules Sofa


JULES SOFA Jules sofa, GEORGE SMITH at BROOKS THOMAS,, covered in Georgina, color: Oatmeal, OTIS TEXTILES,, trimmed in Scallop (item #TSB20/02), CHELSEA TEXTILES,; Glynn, color: Juniper, COLEFAX AND FOWLER,, trimmed in Harbour Barrel [...]

Jules Sofa2022-08-31T10:07:40-05:00

Howe London Banquette


HOWE LONDON BANQUETTE HOWE LONDON banquette,, covered in Rimini, color: Olive, MANUEL CANOVAS,, trimmed in Saison cord with tape, color: Capri, SAMUEL & SONS,; seat cushion in Grevillea, color: Olive, FABRICUT,; small cushions [...]

Howe London Banquette2022-08-31T10:07:53-05:00

Pair of Rustic Metal Garden Chairs


PAIR OF RUSTIC METAL GARDEN CHAIRS Pair of rustic metal garden chairs, LORFORDS ANTIQUES,, covered in Hugo Stripe, color: Teal, CHELSEA TEXTILES,, trimmed in tweeded braid, color: Teal, NO.9 THOMPSON, Background fabric in Georgina, [...]

Pair of Rustic Metal Garden Chairs2022-08-31T10:08:04-05:00

Editor’s Chair


EDITOR'S CHAIR Editor's chair (large), DAVID SEYFRIED,, covered in linen/wool blend, color: Marsh, ROSE UNIACKE,, trimmed in grosgrain (item #31154/9726), HOULÈS,; cushion in Sanya, color: Seaglass, VERVAIN,, piped in grosgrain (item #31161/9726), and [...]

Editor’s Chair2022-08-31T10:08:13-05:00

Howard & Sons Slipper Chair


HOWARD & SONS SLIPPER CHAIR Howard & Sons slipper chair, DEAN ANTIQUES,; chair base and back in Go To Stripe, color: Olive, PERENNIALS,, trimmed in Caitlin tassel fringe, color: Olive, SAMUEL & SONS,; back [...]

Howard & Sons Slipper Chair2022-08-31T10:08:23-05:00

Pair of Bobbin Leg Chairs


PAIR OF BOBBIN LEG CHAIRS Pair of bobbin leg chairs, HOWE LONDON,, covered in Bowie, color: Parchment, LARSEN,; striped panels in Deauville, color: Coastline, ROGERS & GOFFIGON,; ties in double-sided velvet, VV ROULEAUX,; [...]

Pair of Bobbin Leg Chairs2022-08-31T10:08:40-05:00

Large Button-Back Armchair


LARGE BUTTON-BACK ARMCHAIR Large button-back armchair, DEAN ANTIQUES,, covered in Stellar, color: Olive, Bernard Thorp now at PIERRE FREY,, and Imperial Stripe, color: Olive, Bernard Thorp now at PIERRE FREY, Background fabric in Georgina, [...]

Large Button-Back Armchair2022-08-31T10:08:33-05:00

Bloomsbury 2-Seater Sofa


BLOOMSBURY 2-SEATER SOFA Bloomsbury 2-seater sofa, PENTREATH & HALL,, covered in Wilton Vine, color: Moss, SOANE BRITAIN,; edged in printed border on antique linen, PINK HOUSE BY REBECCA COLE,, piped in grosgrain (item #31161/9788), [...]

Bloomsbury 2-Seater Sofa2022-08-31T10:08:58-05:00


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