The Power of a Fresh Color Palette


THE POWER OF A FRESH COLOR PALETTE With the launch of the new Spring 2021 Color Collection from L’Atelier Paris, the joyful tones of springtime can be experienced year-round in your kitchen.  Find out what inspired these fifteen [...]

The Power of a Fresh Color Palette2022-05-13T02:24:57-05:00

Early Inspirations


EARLY INSPIRATIONS It was on a school outing to Paris in the days of my youth that I made my first visit to Versailles, and there I happened upon the exquisite creations of Pierre-Benoît Marcion (1769–1840), furniture [...]

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A Work in Progress


A WORK IN PROGRESS At 87, Sam Gilliam is enjoying a career high. In 2018 the artist unveiled a major commission for the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and in 2022 he will be [...]

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BEJEWELED Be dazzled by these new items of jewelry—designed and made by some of the leading jewelers of our time. Broaches, pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets have the power to redefine how we appear in the world. Victor [...]


By Hand


BY HAND When Lulu Lytle, founder of Soane Britain, took off on a road trip throughout England, she was in search of something she knew was in abundance in her nation, but which was fast disappearing: expert [...]

By Hand2022-05-13T03:00:57-05:00

The Belle of the Fall: Rebecca Gardner


THE BELLE OF THE FALL: REBECCA GARDNER Rebecca Gardner, who has been a MILIEU Contributing Editor since our inception, has always been known for her ability to envision—the parties she creates, the interiors she designs, the events she hosts. [...]

The Belle of the Fall: Rebecca Gardner2022-05-13T03:23:55-05:00

Setting The Scene


SETTING THE SCENE For centuries, scenic wallpapers have been telling stories in homes. When cherished objects and furnishings are positioned with the designs, interiors take on a new meaning. Los Alamos mural hand-painted on silk, FROMENTAL,  Drapery [...]

Setting The Scene2022-05-13T03:27:27-05:00

Hearing Voices


HEARING VOICES As a librettist, I thought the idea of setting an opera in the Rothko Chapel seemed preposterous. The much hallowed place in Houston, considered by many to be one of the greatest achievements in mid-twentieth-century [...]

Hearing Voices2022-05-13T03:30:32-05:00

Rhapsody in Ink


RHAPSODY IN INK Still a vital force at the age of 90, Jasper Johns has produced a body of work that continues to confound critics and historians, while also engaging the public. An Art of Changes: Jasper Johns [...]

Rhapsody in Ink2022-05-16T06:15:19-05:00



MASTERWORKS Taking inspiration from the Delft blue of sixteenth-century ceramic tiles that adorn churches and palaces all over Portugal, MILIEU created hand-painted backdrops and floors to display a variety of luxurious fixtures that stand the test of time. [...]



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