David Masello

DAVID MASELLO writes about art and culture. He is currently executive editor of Milieu, a national print magazine about interior design and architecture. David has held staff editorial positions at Town & Country, Country Living, Art & Antiques, Travel & Leisure, Departures, and Avenue magazines. Prior to his magazine work, David was a hardcover nonfiction editor at Simon & Schuster. David has written scores of essays and features for The New York Times, Fine Art Connoisseur (where he is a columnist), Wall Street Journal, Salon, Boston Globe, Cottages & Gardens, and numerous other national periodicals and literary journals.



In upstate New York, undulating meadows and former farmland now yield bountiful harvests of monumental sculptures. The crops of works change with the seasons.


Firm Foundation


MILIEU's Editor-at-Large, along with an acclaimed architect, worked together to create a new home and a family whose rooms are filled with joy

Firm Foundation2022-05-13T02:54:25-05:00

Perfect Imperfect


Belgian designer Boris Vervoordt recognizes the beauty of flaws as elements to introduce into the home

Perfect Imperfect2022-05-13T02:53:38-05:00

In Shape


Italian artist Mirco Marchelli looks closely at the world, translating memories, colors, even sounds to his canvases

In Shape2021-11-19T10:09:45-06:00

The Couple That Designs Together


Courtney and Randy Tilinski, founders of Bungalow Classic, created a home base for Atlantans, while also creating a lasting home together

The Couple That Designs Together2021-12-13T15:49:51-06:00

English Lesson


An Austin homeowner, who is a dedicated Anglophile, engaged an architect, interior designer, and builder to fashion a home that reflects her love for England

English Lesson2021-12-10T11:18:03-06:00

In Ruins


Using natural light, photographer Nicola Bertellotti captures the natural state of buildings that are forgotten and left to decay. He gives them new life through his work.

In Ruins2022-05-13T02:07:00-05:00

Married to Design


Interior designer and owner of Nashville’s The Iron Gate, Rozanne Jackson and architect Glen Oxford not only live together as husband and wife, but also frequently collaborate on projects. MILIEU’s Executive Editor, David Masello, spoke to them to find out how they work together—and why it works.

Married to Design2022-05-13T02:08:15-05:00

A Couple’s Retreat


An architect and an interior designer built their second home as both a creative act and as a place where they could be at their most creative

A Couple’s Retreat2022-05-13T02:45:40-05:00


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