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Isaac Mizrahi has long been known as a fashion designer with his namesake brand and namebrand celebrity clients, but were he to have a business card to hand out, he would have to add to it, actor, cabaret singer, writer, comedian, filmmaker, product designer, and entertainer. “It’s embarrassing having to add so many hyphens to your job description,” he says from his Manhattan apartment. “Doing so many things confuses critics and people, but if you do any of them long enough, you begin to get taken seriously.” In every endeavor Mizrahi has undertaken, he has become a success. “I’ve learned that overcoming fears is a big theme of my life. And I recognize, too, that the things you’re most afraid of doing are also the most valuable things to do,” he says. Because he is a style maker, MILIEU was eager to ask him to name some of his favorites in life. 

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This story appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of MILIEU.