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Made in Texas

We profiled four people that began their lives in the Lone Star State. They became successes elsewhere but have never forgotten their roots.

HOLLY HUNT, Furniture Designer

In the course of a conversation, Holly Hunt offers up so many inspiring observations about life that you want to write them down and apply them right away to your own life. From her flagship furnishings showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart (one of eleven in the U.S. and London), Hunt imparts such wisdom as: “Success is a choice.” “In my company, we say, ‘Never let best get in the way of better.’” “You can’t be successful if you have an aversion to risk.”

Although San Angelo, Texas, is a small city in the western part of the state, it sometimes seems akin to Renaissance Florence given the number of talented people born there, including Holly Hunt, who later moved to Anson. “Something about Texas infuses its people with a sense of pride,” she says. “No matter where you come from in the state, you feel it’s the best place possible to be.”

Hunt has always made things, even designing some of her clothes in the fifth grade. Now she designs some of the most coveted home furnishings in the interior design industry and she continues on as CEO of Holly Hunt, Inc., a division of Knoll, to which she sold her company in 2014.

She’s lived in Chicago now for four decades, but Texas still informs Hunt’s life. “Where I grew up, you’re born with a sense of independence. It makes you creative. And being a girl in Texas isn’t a handicap. I never felt guys had more opportunity than I did. Plus, I had parents who led me to believe that if I put my mind and soul to something, I could do it.”

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This story appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of MILIEU.