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There’s something about Atlanta—a lot about Atlanta—that inspires Will Fisher and Charlotte Freemantle, husband-and-wife owners of the London-based Jamb Ltd. “I’ve known Atlanta for twenty-five years,” says Fisher, who established his brand in 2003, “and I’ve seen it grow and grow, and I absolutely love the city. It’s an exciting time there.”

So infatuated is the couple with the creative energy in Georgia’s capital city that they opened their first U.S. showroom in Atlanta, as part of the already well established Ainsworth-Noah showroom in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC).

“This new showroom represents our first opportunity to carefully curate a space that reflects our company’s DNA,” Fisher emphasizes. “Instead of being in an integrated environment with other people and other brands, as we are in our other great location, Los Angeles, here we stand alone, able to reveal our identity. It’s serendipitous really for us to be here now.” Within the new thousand-squarefoot Atlanta showroom is an eclectic assortment of Jamb’s namesake furniture, as well as antiques collected by Fisher over the years.


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This story appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of MILIEU.