Pamela Pierce, MILIEU's founder and editor-in-chief, dreamed of creating an issue of designers' own homes, and she immediately thought of Chris Barrett, known for her cool Southern California style. Chris’s bungalow near Venice Beach sounded perfect. Little did we know that Chris decided she needed a new kitchen and bath before the shoot.
After landing in LA the day before the shoot, Peter Vitale, photographer and MILIEU's contributing editor, and I were eager to stop by her house to survey for styling. We called Chris that morning to see if we could stop by. Chris said with a laugh, "How about later tonight, like midnight?"

We arrived at Chris's that evening, things were looking gorgeous, full of potential, albeit a little chaotic. For example, there were no kitchen cabinet fronts, no fridge fronts; bedding was at the cleaners, books and containers galore. We knew, however, that Chris, the consummate professional, would pull it off. We knew that all would be ready for the 9 a.m. call time.
It was just short of a miracle. The next morning, we walked in and everything looked camera-ready except the cabinet and kitchen fronts. In true Hollywood-style, Chris's installers drilled the last screw just in time for the shoot.
See Chris’s charming bungalow in MILIEU’s Fall 2017 issue, in an article we've entitled Living Large.
Written by Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU Design Director

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