Shannon Bowers, MILIEU’s style director, and her colleagues were attending to the final preparations for the photo shoot in London’s Chelsea Physic Garden that would feature Mary Fox Linton, the doyenne of the couture textile industry, and a vintage sofa that we had upholstered in one of her finest lambswool fabrics. Meanwhile, Mother Nature wanted to get in on the photo, too, making herself known with pending rain. The design team convened to address the weather change, with Philip Cadle, managing director of Fox Linton Associates, offering up his own car to transport the sofa. Grace under barometric pressure is what you might call it. Within hours, Shannon, along with the photographers Brett Wood and Miguel Flores-Vianna, had secured a set change — an eighteenth-century townhouse in the lovely borough of Richmond, just outside of London. As Shannon recalls, “As intricately planned as the ‘day of' any photo shoot is, inevitable challenges emerge. But it simply has to come together. There is no alternative.” Mary Fox Linton and the sofa both arrived safely and the story proceeded.  — Written by Ashley Ferguson