MILIEU’s Spring 2016 cover story took a village, as well as every light blue flower planted nearby. Behind the scenes of this story begins with six giant floral boxes delivered to my home on a Friday afternoon. After opening each box, I sorted the flowers into buckets of water to keep in my cold and dark basement over the weekend. Even though my home smelled like one big, lovely hyacinth, I was worried sick that the flowers would not stay fresh until floral couture designer Françoise Weeks arrived after the weekend to begin her creations.

Come Monday, day one, Françoise and her assistant, Jo Jarvis, started de-budding and gluing rows of muscari blue and light blue hyacinth onto the custom skirt. Françoise used nearly 1,500 stems of hyacinth affixed with more than 50 tubes of glue. While putting the finishing touches on the skirt, we placed a bowl overturned on a ladder to demonstrate how the flowers will cascade.

Day two, Peter Vitale began shooting in a private home nearby with model Brittany Clark. The skirt was carefully delivered and must have weighed 100 pounds, nearly cutting off the circulation of our flawless and fearless model. All hands were on deck to show the gorgeous detail of this floral couture. Back at home that evening, Jo continued creating more fashion accessories, and delivered them on day three for photographing.

Because this shoot also tells the story of embroidered fabric, I fashioned wing samples into dresses using binder clips. It was a whirlwind of a shoot that I want to share with you. I hope you enjoy The Perfect Fantasy as much as I did creating it.

~ Pam Pierce