Shannon Bowers, MILIEU’s design director, arrived early to the shoot for our feature about Mark D. Sikes and the creative ways he uses and interprets stripes. Even though Mark is all about detail, he and Shannon collaborated fully on the event, though at times he was willing to watch from the balcony of his own home in Los Angeles (he’s shown in the top photo) while the makeup artist worked on our lovely model, Amy Berry. Because the bedroom in which we shot the story is on the second floor, movers needed to clear the space beforehand and then bring the striped settee upstairs. Other preparations included swapping out existing curtains for those that we featured, positioning all the furniture, and unwrapping (and plumping) the pillows. “That particular room provided the perfect backdrop because of the beautiful wallpaper that was already in place,” says Shannon. Little details count, too, including having the model wear shoes from Club Monaco. Just as exacting as stripes, so, too, was our styling of this fun story. —David Masello