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Garden Masterpieces

The gardens and grounds of England’s Helmingham Hall are now “growing” with sculptures by David Harber. His large-scale works, made of copper, bronze, stone, and steel, were chosen for the grounds by Harber and Sophie Tollemache, the custodian of the great English house.

The Art of Outdoor Living

McKinnon and Harris’ design retreat during Virginia’s Historic Garden Week has MILIEU’s design director dreaming in green

Moroccan Dreams

Interior decorator, furniture and fabric designer, gardener, author, lecturer, and philanthropist, Charlotte Moss wears many hats, but one close to her heart is her involvement with the IBU Movement.  Based in Charleston, South Carolina, IBU Movement is an organization which partners with women around the world with the goal of disrupting poverty and fashioning change through the art of their hands.

A Jewel Among Jewels

Goldsmith, jeweler, artist, sculptor Elizabeth Gage celebrates sixty years of crating timeless elegance—with yet more to come.

Conversations with Mili

As an interior designer, I am on a constant search for unique products and interesting artisans to introduce into my projects. When I discovered KUFRI textiles hand-woven fabrics and pillows by Mili Suleman, I was immediately impressed by its craftsmanship and ethos.

Recipe for Success

The new Pret-a-Porter program and range colors from L’Atelier Paris will make your kitchen a feast for the eyes.  What used to happen every season in Paris ready-to-wear fashion, is now happening in your own kitchen.

The Palette of Wayne Pate

One of the joys of being an editor is to learn about what is in the hearts and minds of creative people. And one person I have been very intrigued by is artist Wayne Pate.

Showing Off New York’s Newest Showrooms

One of the defining features of the fall season in and around New York is the debut of “the new”—the new Broadway plays, stores, art exhibitions, musical performances. But this season is filled with an even bigger variety of openings. Some of the world’s most renowned interior design brands and manufacturers are debuting new and expanded showrooms in and near the city. MILIEU takes a tour to preview these inspiring destinations.

Unloading with Tara Shaw

For several years, beginning in the late 90s, designers lucky enough to be in the New Orleans and Houston areas would mark their calendars for Tara Shaw’s new shipment dates. Shannon Bowers, MILIEU Editor-at-Large, catches up here with Tara just as she is unloading a new shipment.

Furlow’s Folly

In fond memory of Furlow Gatewood (August 28, 1921 - October 29, 2022), we wanted to share this story about Furlow's new collection, Furlow's Folly, with his dear friend John Rosselli, published in the Winter 2020 issue of MILIEU.  Even at the young age of 98, he never stopped designing beautiful pieces for the home.  "Furlow Gatewood: Always loved. Never Forgotten. Thank you." - Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU Design Director, and producer of "Furlow's Folly"  for MILIEU

Breathing Room: The World of Pierre Bergian

Hovering between dream state and reality is the ethereal world of Belgian artist Pierre Bergian. As a child growing up in Bruges and Ghent, Bergian was a curious sort. Intrigued by the old abandoned buildings he encountered along the waterways of the Low Country, he developed a fascination with interior spaces and architecture that would influence the course of his life.

Meet Alice Sergeant

MILIEU had the pleasure of visiting with the noted and prolific textile designer Alice Sergeant. Her new fabric and wallpaper lines reflect her heritage, her world travels, her love of all things French, and her background in fashion. Not only are we excited to share with you Alice’s collection, but also our conversation about her creative process and what inspires her designs.

Flower Child

Ethereal. Preternatural. Otherworldly. These are adjectives that blossom forth when first encountering botanical sculptor Tiffanie Turner’s exquisitely crafted, often larger than life, paper flowers.

Dream Gardeners

Renowned landscape architects make their living wrestling with this very dilemma: controlling the uncontrollable. However, it is in their attempt to harness nature that true magic ensues. Meet Miguel Urquijo and Renate Kastner of Urquijo-Kastner Landscape and Garden Design Studio.

Travel with MILIEU

Every edition of MILIEU takes our readers to destinations around the world with travel stories that are visually stunning, offer unique experiences, and make lasting impressions

Trimmed and True

Samuel & Sons has been making fine trims for more than tree-quarters of a century. While the family firm proudly acknowledges its long legacy and its anthology of patterns, it also continues to move forward with new products.

Your Round Top Short List on the MILIEU Insider

The Round Top Antiques Fair can feel a bit overwhelming to plan with so many sites and vendors worth visiting. MILIEU’s editors did some advance shopping for you this season. We honed in on four of our favorite Fall fair destinations— places where you will find ideas, inspiration, and lots of shopping opportunities.

The Roles Rugs Play

In an exclusive interview with Sarah Tringhese of Matt Camron Rugs and Tapestries, Sarah conveys the new methods and current ideas she is seeing while working with designers.

All About April Openings

Home and garden storefronts and showrooms have been busy expanding this Spring with renovations, moves, and the opening of new locations. The MILIEU editors have the story on 8 new or transformed décor destinations to visit from the Grea Lakes to Florida's Atlantic coast.

Showhouse 2020

MILIEU Magazine is thrilled to announce its first-ever designer showhouse to benefit Clayton Dabney for Kids with Cancer. When all of the rooms were finished and the door was open for the 2020 MILIEU Designer Showhouse, we were thrilled to reveal the phenomenal work by our distinguished ensemble of designers.

A Gusto Garden

Your table will look its best, year-round, when adorned with Casa Gusto's new, all-white tole flowers. The neutral palette works in any setting at any time of year. These flowers are always in bloom.

Doing the Charleston

The owner of GDC Home shares his family's history in the dry goods business dating back to 1781, as well as a glimpse into his enterprise today.

Through The Gate

Shannon Bowers sits down with Rozanne for some shop talk revealing whats behind the welcoming spirit of The Iron Gate and how it endures with time.

Home Sweet Home

Growing their business from a ten-foot-square antiques booth to a 16,000-square-foot design destination, the proprietors of Back Row Home reflect on friendship, travels, and becoming Houston's one-stop-shop for European finds and modern necessities.

Well Cooked

Kitchen specialist L'Atelier Paris opens its flagship West Coast location in West Hollywood, bringing the brand's handcrafted kitchens to the California design community for the first time

If These Walls Could Talk

Artist and designer Paul Montgomery shares news of his exciting new endeavor, The Mural Source, with MILIEUs Style and Market Editor, Lucy Bamman.

Old School at Old Plank

Shannon Bowers, MILIEUs Editor-at-Large, who has long loved antiques and works with them regularly in her own interior design projects, wanted to hear from one of the best sources in America, Old Plank Antiques, about the business.

Unrivaled Revival

REVIVAL and REVIVAL Interiors attracts artists, designers, and architects, and beauty-lovers alike. Celebrating the coveted, collected, unusual and extraordinary, let's discover what makes REVIVAL the design destination of the 21st century.

In Bloom

Textile and furniture designer Kerry Joyce proves that maxim, notably with his latest Woodlands and Ground Cover Botanicals collection. MILIEU’s Style and Market Editor, Lucy Bamman, was determined to meet with Kerry to learn more about what inspired him.

The World of ROBUCK

Kristen Walls and Shane Robuck of ROBUCK are purveyors in every sense of the word. They not only seek and find the most exceptional antiques from around the world, they are experts in their field. ROBUCK strives to preserve the story behind every piece they sell.

The Master Builder

Glen Oxford has been designing some of America’s most original and coveted houses for decades. MILIEU’s Editor-at-Large, Shannon Bowers, spoke to him at his Nashville office about architecture and why it matters to him—and to all of us.

The Perfect Surface

Handcrafted concrete paver company, Peacock Pavers, launches three new exciting shapes, expanding designer's customization opportunities. MILIEU Market and Style Editor, Lucy Bamman, gives you a first peek.

Taking The Floor

MILIEU's Editor at Large, Shannon Bowers, met with Carol Piper, founder of Houston's Carol Piper Rugs, to learn how she got started in the business and why she continues to inspire the design community as a whole

Finding Leather Land

Imagine a room with a sea of swatches of velvety suedes and supple hides in every color of the rainbow. Is it just a designer’s pipe dream? You might think so, but Dan Cahoon made that dream a reality when he started Jerry Pair Leather.

The Talented Mr. & Mrs. Bungalow

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Bungalow, aka Randy and Courtney Tilinksi, the dynamic couple behind BUNGALOW CLASSIC where furniture, antiques, lighting, and fine art converge under one chic roof.

Turning On The Lights

MILIEU's Style and Market Editor, Lucy Bamman, met with Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights to hear a compelling tale of its founding—and its enduring legacy

It’s Time For Marburger and Round Top

One of the highlights of the fall season is the Marburger Farm Antique Show and Round Top. MILIEU's Editor-at-Large, Shannon Bowers, spoke to Ashley Ferguson, CEO, to find out more about Marburger and what to expect this October.

Into the Kitchen with Downsview

MILIEU's Design Director, Leslie Newsom Rascoe, had the pleasure of chatting with Gianni Casiraghi about kitchen design, artistry, and what’s on the horizon for this thriving sector of interior design.

Family Matters

One of Houston's "go-to" destinations for upholstered furnishings, as well as design ideas for everything in your home, is Lam Bespoke owned by husband-wife, Cathy and Patrick Lam. MILIEU's Editor-at-Large, Shannon Bowers, spoke with co-owner, Cathy Lam, to find out more about their business ethos.

Pillow Talk With Jenny Johnson Allen

Purveyor of textiles for the table, bath and bedroom, Jenny Johnson Allen's eye for beauty and pursuit of comfort is unmatched. Let's pull back the covers and pillow talk with Jenny!

The Enduring Allure of Swedish Design

To find out more about one of our favorite decorative genres, Swedish antiques and more recent period pieces, MILIEU's Editor-at-Large, Shannon Bowers, spoke to one of the most informed experts on the topic—Bill Gardner, owner of his namesake W. Gardner Ltd.

The Best in Summertime Lounging

Curate your outdoor dream space with one of Teak Warehouse's classic or contemporary sun loungers. MILIEU Style and Market Editor, Lucy Bamman, will help you choose the best piece for your lifestyle so that you may simply sit back and relax.

J. Tribble Collection: Making a Masterpiece

Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU's Design Director, sat down with John and Rebecca of J. Tribble Collection to chat about antiques, craftsmanship and custom cabinetry for the modern family.


A visit to London's Julia Boston Antiques is as much a shopping expedition as it is a joyful experience of the past

Garden Masterpieces

The gardens and grounds of England’s Helmingham Hall are now “growing” with sculptures by David Harber. His large-scale works, made of copper, bronze, stone, and steel, were chosen for the grounds by Harber and Sophie Tollemache, the custodian of the great English house.

The Art of Outdoor Living

McKinnon and Harris’ design retreat during Virginia’s Historic Garden Week has MILIEU’s design director dreaming in green

A Whale’s Tale of Mary Maguire

Nestled all snug in her 19th-century waterfront studio in Hadlyme, Connecticut, overlooking the serendipitously named Whalebone Cove, artist Mary Maguire paints visions of birds, boats, and sea creatures that dance in her head. One might only dream of such a charming New England scene, but of course this is no fish tale.

New and Noteworthy Showrooms

Some of MILIEU’s favorite design sources have recently expanded their presence by opening new showrooms on the street level and online. Here’s a look at what’s new for you.



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