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WHEN IT COMES TO LIVING WITH STYLE, our readers can find it in MILIEU. Whether in the United States or abroad, MILIEU introduces readers to the best projects, products, places, and the artisans behind them. Explore and enjoy these select stories from MILIEU.

A Change Of Scenery

Leaving city life behind, a couple chose a glorious Utah locale for their new family home

Laying New Ground

American designer Timothy Corrigan finds and restores French châteaux and their gardens. His new royal home is surrounded by plantings that are set to grow well into the future.

Design Theory

For his clients, Oliver Furth brought a vintage Beverly Hills house into the present—opening up its rooms for an active family and embracing California sunlight and air

How The West Is Worn

After years in the fashion industry, Lela Rose has embraced her Texas roots and her love of the American West to create a select line of clothing that honors the region and the women who live there

Mothers of Nature

The Garden Girls of Houston regard the growing of vegetables, fruits, and flowers as soulful activities. They plant not only seeds, but also memories for their clients


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