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WHEN IT COMES TO LIVING WITH STYLE, our readers can find it in MILIEU. Whether in the United States or abroad, MILIEU introduces readers to the best projects, products, places, and the artisans behind them. Explore and enjoy these select stories from MILIEU.

Seasonal Transformations

When she’s at her California home, a Houston interior designer marks the seasons by tying on new slipcovers—colors and prints for the fall and winter, and calmer pastels for spring and summer

The Family That Stays Together

Cris Briger and her sons not only own and run Casa Gusto/Studio Gusto together, they also share a daily life in their Palm Beach home

Shared Vision

The imaginative color and poetic firebrand of Milton Avery is revealed in a touring landmark exhibition

In Spirit

Helen Ballard travels the world. During a week-long visit to Laos, she found colors and textures, rituals and customs unlike any in the 60 countries she has visited to date.

A Natural Woman

The professional collaboration between publishing legend Marian McEvoy and designer Kerry Joyce is grounded in nature-and mutual respect


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