CHRISTIAN DUVERNOIS LANDSCAPE/STUDIO endeavors to create distinctive landscapes. Through a rigorous process of spatial, aesthetic, environmental, and technical exploration, CDL/S formulates adaptive strategies catered to the clients’ vision and individualized program requirements to deliver beautifully crafted, long-lasting, and positively memorable outdoor living spaces.

In addition to improving site amenity and use, CDL/S believes landscapes must aim for sustainability in both their form and function. By purposefully integrating green infrastructure, low-impact building materials, native plant species, biodiversity support, edible gardens, climate adaptation, and other renewable and regenerative measures, CDL/S promotes a genuine sense of connection and coexistence with our shared natural world.

CDL/S’ design approach is further exemplified by the integration of exterior-grade decorative art, sculpture, furniture, and other expressive objects into the landscape. By engaging artists early on, the overall design outcome is elevated. 

Category: Landscape
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