David Harber

David Harber and his team imagine and craft sculptures and sundials that change the way we see the world. And change the world around us. As if by magic.

Harber is internationally renowned for its luxury handcrafted sculptures, sundials and water features. As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, the brand will be unveiling its new Limited Edition Armillary 30, an innovative and contemporary take on its iconic Armillary, at the Chelsea Flower Show (May, 20-25).

Harber’s designs are works of extraordinary beauty made in Britain.  His works balance the classical and contemporary, sitting perfectly in traditional English gardens, contemporary spaces, the built environment and the natural world.

Their Oxfordshire studio and workshop is a hub of British creativity and craftsmanship. From there the team creates works of exceptional quality and extraordinary beauty for a global audience with handmade pieces, using natural materials. Each one is individual. And each piece beguiles the viewer.

Category: Outdoor