WHEN IT COMES TO LIVING WITH STYLE, our readers can find it in MILIEU. Whether in the United States or abroad, MILIEU introduces readers to the best projects, products, places, and the artisans behind them. Explore and enjoy these select stories from MILIEU.

How The West Is Worn

After years in the fashion industry, Lela Rose has embraced her Texas roots and her love of the American West to create a select line of clothing that honors the region and the women who live there

Mothers of Nature

The Garden Girls of Houston regard the growing of vegetables, fruits, and flowers as soulful activities. They plant not only seeds, but also memories for their clients

A Classic Returns

With the reissue of The Private House, author, antiquarian, and visionary designer Rose Tarlow reflects on the creation of her 2001 cult favorite

Creative License

Can a graphic designer and creative director also be a fine artist? Yes, as Lisa Hunt proved repeatedly.

A Pattern of Life

Gilly Newberry’s confident eye and collaborative spirit shaped a successful career that continues to influence the world of design. Bennison Fabrics introduces a fabric named in her honor.

Telling A New Story

Designer Sheila Bridges reinterprets traditional toile forms to reflect contemporary experiences relevant to her life and everyone’s

Fitting In

Architect Andrew Trotter builds structures so distinctive that they define their locales and become immediate icons. Yet, whatever he designs seems endemic to a given region and its people.

Past and Present

Atlanta antiques dealers Shane Robuck and Kristen Walls find furnishings from centuries ago that, when placed in rooms today, make us appreciate our varied connections to the past

A Natural Woman

The professional collaboration between publishing legend Marian McEvoy and designer Kerry Joyce is grounded in nature-and mutual respect

Glass Acts

A greenhouse is the ultimate outdoor room, a place for growing plants, but also an alternative space for living and entertaining outside the home. It's a lifestyle change now cultivated by Hartley Botanic.

Designing Man

Over his long career, John Saladino has recognized design as both a practical art and as a philosophy centered on how best to live daily life

Making A Splash

Barbara Sallick, founder of Waterworks, recognized that home baths were a neglected domain of design. She set out to create fixtures and finishes that would transform our most utilitarian room at home into one with style.

Material Girl

Connecticut-based Rosemary Hallgarten designs rugs and fabrics from materials so rich and textured that when completed they take on another dimension.

The Couple That Designs Together

Courtney and Randy Tilinski, founders of Bungalow Classic, created a home base for Atlantans, while also creating a lasting home together

Man on the Edge

Everything Milton De Paul, Creative Director for Samuel & Sons, does is meant to motivate the design world to rethink passementerie—with fringe benefits and all the trimmings

Married to Design

Interior designer and owner of Nashville’s The Iron Gate, Rozanne Jackson and architect Glen Oxford not only live together as husband and wife, but also frequently collaborate on projects. MILIEU’s Executive Editor, David Masello, spoke to them to find out how they work together—and why it works.

Factory Made

The noted photographer Christopher Payne takes us inside American factories to reveal how what we use and what we wear are made—by machine and people power

Oscar Niemeyer

Known for his curvilinear, organic forms, Oscar Niemeyer was a key figure in architecture and design. He created landmark buildings and iconic furniture in his native Brazil and abroad.

The Art of the Man

Gary Tinterow, who heads the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is perhaps the most creative force at work at the institution

Shear Perfection

A couple, along with scores of resident sheep, occupy in harmony a remote Scottish isle. The resulting wools are worn around the world.

On The Wall

Many years ago, Marthe Armitage took it upon herself to transform her family's London home with wallpaper she designed and made. That domestic project grew into a thriving wallpaper company and a lifelong career that has brought her professional accolades.

The Art of Rugs

Inspired by her paintings, Charlotte Culot's luxurious carpets are an artful foundation for any room—whether on the floor or the wall

Making Statements

A lifelong student and admired teacher, artist, and jewelry designer, Gillion Carrara, transmutes natural materials into one-of-a-kind pieces

An Essential Artist

As he works, Otis Jones lets the painting tell him where he needs to go as the artist

Building Character

Architect Reagan Miller designed many of Houston's finest houses, and their inhabitants continue to remember the experience of collaborating with him. His work and character endure, as recounted by three people who knew him well.

Philosophers of Chocolate

Adam Turoni and business partner Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor understand that chocolate is more than a flavor. It provides something we all want in life.

Architecture in Color

Michael Imber, a prolific San Antonio architect, realizes the buildings and houses he designs by rendering them in watercolors


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