Magazine Stories by Summer 2022

Maine Domain


A family wanted a home that would tell a new story about their lives. A designer and architect collaborated to build them one to last for generations.

Maine Domain2022-08-31T10:49:10-05:00

Changing Times


For years, a Dallas couple had been happy in their home. Then, one day, they realized it had become dated. A designer and an architect have made them feel at home again.

Changing Times2022-08-31T10:48:31-05:00

House Proud


Even though Rose Tarlow, the noted furniture and interior designer, calls this book Three Houses (Vendome), it’s really about four houses. It seems her East Coast girlhood home, Windrift, which burned down in 1966, remains the idyllic dwelling through which she wanders constantly in her imagination.

House Proud2022-09-01T10:13:51-05:00

A Modern Man


The imaginative color and poetic firebrand of Milton Avery is revealed in a touring landmark exhibition

A Modern Man2022-06-01T09:42:18-05:00

Glass Acts


A greenhouse is the ultimate outdoor room, a place for growing plants, but also an alternative space for living and entertaining outside the home. It's a lifestyle change now cultivated by Hartley Botanic.

Glass Acts2022-06-23T14:23:15-05:00

Designing Man


Over his long career, John Saladino has recognized design as both a practical art and as a philosophy centered on how best to live daily life

Designing Man2022-06-01T09:41:45-05:00

Curated Collectibles


When grouped well and thoughtfully, our treasured collections of objects and accessories assume a poetic presence in the home

Curated Collectibles2022-06-02T12:14:39-05:00


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