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Behind the Scenes of Larger Than Life

The Spring 2023 cover story is so wonderfully playful and colorful, as well as creative in showing the vast varieties of wallcoverings on the market.  However it wasn't until I saw the "behind the scenes" photos from the shoot that I fully appreciated fantastic, and frankly surprising, scale of the vignettes.

Behind the Scenes of Toiles de Joy

I had a vision for a wedding-in-toile, and I knew that our European Style Editor, Katrin Cargill, could realize this story. Enjoy exclusive video footage on set of the Spring 2022 cover shoot.

Behind the Scenes of the Paper Trail

I’m sharing my work as it was in progress for the latest production for MILIEU‘s Fall issue. My editorial task was to create “rooms” made of humble brown paper and corrugated cardboard to showcase iconic modern pieces along with antiques.

Behind the Scenes of Best in Show

Go behind MILIEU's Spring 2021 cover story with Katrin Cargill, MILIEU European Editor, to learn about her creative process and the special challenges she faced—and overcame—to produce this glorious photoshoot.


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