WHEN IT COMES TO LIVING WITH STYLE, our readers can find it in MILIEU. Whether in the United States or abroad, MILIEU introduces readers to the best projects, products, places, and the artisans behind them. Explore and enjoy these select stories from MILIEU.

My Italian Idyll

MILIEU's Avery Bowers is moving to New York City to attend graduate school and earn her master's degree in interior design. Prior, though, to immersing herself in her studies, she traveled to Italy, documenting the art, architecture, and sights that inspired her

An English Sojourn

Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU's Design Director, traveled to England with her son, Christopher, who will soon enroll at Oxford University. Along the way, they experienced much about the country, taking shots of places they knew they'd always remember seeing together

English Essence, French Perfume

A singularly charming English-style rose garden—where 500 varieties of the delicate perennial mingle with garden brocante, handcrafted structures, and free-roaming animals—flourishes in France’s Loire Valley

A Newt Experience

The Newt in Somerset is as much a place to retreat for a stay as it is to dine, explore, and learn about the region’s natural and built histories.

Entering a Kingdom

Visitors to Umbria’s 11th-century Reschio live in a medieval castle, but one that has been updated by its family to luxuriously accommodate modern-day life

The French Connection

La Bastide de Moustiers, in the south of France, began as a simple farm dwelling. Under the tutelage of chef Alain Ducasse, it has morphed into a home that welcomes everyone.

The Warmth of Iceland

MILIEU’s Design Director, Leslie Newsom Rascoe, along with her son and daughter, followed the island nation’s Ring Road, finding wonders both man-made and natural along the way

In Spirit

Helen Ballard travels the world. During a week-long visit to Laos, she found colors and textures, rituals and customs unlike any in the 60 countries she has visited to date.

Painting An Experience

A stay at the Arniano Painting School in Tuscany means spending time at—and time away—from the easel

Italian Idyll

One way to experience Tuscany is to stay with a family, in this case at the estate owned by the Ferragamos. All are welcome.

Welcome Home

A Nashville hotel allows you to choose a house for your stay. You may want to move in for good.

Frosted in Time

The Renaissance gardens at Drummond Castle are reminiscent of the magnificent grounds at Versailles, but they are more intimate and infused with Scottish symbolism

Sicilian Interlude

Through his camera's eye, MILIEU contributing photographer Peter Vitale reveals Sicily, a place that remains in focus for everyone upon visiting

Feeling at Home

A travel writer settles into her stay at Mexico's Hacienda de San Antonio, aware that the experiences she has there will endure in her memory

Check In

The world has changed, and the way we travel has changed. After months of relative isolation, many of us are hungry for a change of scenery, trying to imagine a vacation that still allows for some social distance.

Cultivating Good Taste

Thirty minutes and a world away from the bustle of Nashville, Bloomsbury Farm cultivates far more than organic vegetables.

Royal Ride

Leaving from Edinburgh, the Belmond Royal Scotsman train trip is a journey through history and geography. It’s the ride of a lifetime.

My Chattanooga

As owners of Revival Home, Rodney Simmons and Billy Woodall are players in the successful revival of a great Tennessee city. They lead us to their favorite destinations.

Heading West

A retired executive took off with a friend on a summer roadtrip to satisfy her wanderlust, see more of America, and learn more about herself

Well Planted

Rachel Siegfried and Ashley Pearson reap what they sow. They grow a range of enchanting English country garden flowers, organically and sustainably, on an Oxfordshire flower farm

My San Miguel

Cris Briger, a West Palm Beach—based antiques dealer, has been coming to this small Mexican town for some twenty-five year— for inspiration, friendship, and family

Cleaning House

A Boston-based interior designer discovered a hardware store in England where handmade utilitarian objects-from mops to brushes and brooms-have the import of artworks

A Tall Order

A stay at Kenya’s Giraffe Manor means having breakfast with some of the four-legged residents

Market Plans

After buying a house in Southwest France years ago, interior designer Kathryn Ireland discovered the region’s other bounty—flea markets and antiques shops—from which she has built a personal collection

Blackberry Season

A stay at Tennessee’s bucolic Blackberry Farm is about being with family

Ciao Cetara!

A “write” way to experience Italy’s Amalfi Coast is to enroll in Sarah Lawrence College’s weeklong summer writing program abroad

Enduring Gardens

The flourishing grounds at Toledo's centuries-old Galiana Palace are one of the quiet wonders of Europe

My Island

Explore Gran Canaria with noted design editor Min Hogg and see why the Spanish island’s history, terrain, and locals make this her beloved home away from home

French Flavor

One way to experience Tuscany is to stay with a family, in this case at the estate owned by the Ferragamos. All are welcome.


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