Frosted in Time

The Renaissance gardens at Drummond Castle are reminiscent of the magnificent grounds at Versailles, but they are more intimate and infused with Scottish symbolism

Sicilian Interlude

Through his camera's eye, MILIEU contributing photographer Peter Vitale reveals Sicily, a place that remains in focus for everyone upon visiting

Feeling at Home

A travel writer settles into her stay at Mexico's Hacienda de San Antonio, aware that the experiences she has there will endure in her memory

Check In

The world has changed, and the way we travel has changed. After months of relative isolation, many of us are hungry for a change of scenery, trying to imagine a vacation that still allows for some social distance.

Cultivating Good Taste

Thirty minutes and a world away from the bustle of Nashville, Bloomsbury Farm cultivates far more than organic vegetables.

Royal Ride

Leaving from Edinburgh, the Belmond Royal Scotsman train trip is a journey through history and geography. It’s the ride of a lifetime.

My Chattanooga

As owners of Revival Home, Rodney Simmons and Billy Woodall are players in the successful revival of a great Tennessee city. They lead us to their favorite destinations.

Heading West

A retired executive took off with a friend on a summer roadtrip to satisfy her wanderlust, see more of America, and learn more about herself

Well Planted

Rachel Siegfried and Ashley Pearson reap what they sow. They grow a range of enchanting English country garden flowers, organically and sustainably, on an Oxfordshire flower farm

My San Miguel

Cris Briger, a West Palm Beach—based antiques dealer, has been coming to this small Mexican town for some twenty-five year— for inspiration, friendship, and family

Cleaning House

A Boston-based interior designer discovered a hardware store in England where handmade utilitarian objects-from mops to brushes and brooms-have the import of artworks


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