Anniversary Party


Fifth Anniversary. The cake is trimmed. The party is prepped. Come join in!

Set of eight nineteenth-century French empire dining chairs from Nicholas Haslam Ltd., Nicholas Haslam, Ltd.,

Chair covers (from left to right):

Antique Ticking Stripe, Color: Linen, Schumacher,

Dutch Stripe, Color: Vison, Jasper,

Jajim Stripe, Color: Chestnut, Soane,

Grandvilliers, Color: Brown, Nicole Fabre Designs,

Covehurst Stripe, Color: Sandy Cove, Madeaux,

AfterAllTo, Color: Thatched Roof Taupe, Nicky Haslam Designs,

Tatton Stripe, Color: Sable, Rose Tarlow for Perennials,

Ticking Stripe, Color: Nutmeg, Penny Morrison,

All trimmed in RTC Boulette Fringe, Color: Pumpkin, Samuel & Sons,

Background and floor painted by Tabby Riley using Farrow & Ball paints.

All fabric creations made by Melanie Williams.

Anniversary Party
Anniversary Party