Setting the Scene


For centuries, scenic wallpapers have been telling stories in homes. When cherished objects and furnishings are positioned with the designs, interiors take on a new meaning.

Curated Collectibles

When grouped well and thoughtfully, our treasured collections of objects and accessories assume a poetic presence in the home

Dutch Treats

Timeless still lifes of the seventeenth century revealed in precise detail the luxuries and bounty of the Dutch Republic. We recreated those genre paintings with fine jewelry of today.

Off The Wall

Much has taken place in England’s Haddon Hall, whose origins date to the twelfth century. Never before, though, has the manor house been populated with figures dressed in garments made of fine wallpapers. It’s a new chapter in the house’s history.

Hats Off

MILIEU celebrates decorative trims as ways to transform everything from what you live with to what you wear. These trims and fabrics are all weather-resistant, ideal for summer.

Best in Show

The mists are clearing, the sun is strengthening, the colors of the season are emerging in gardens.

Setting the Scene
Setting the Scene


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