Rebecca Gardner


Rebecca Gardner, who has been a MILIEU Contributing Editor since our inception, has always been known for her ability to envision—the parties she creates, the interiors she designs, the events she hosts. And now, with the launch of her online retail destination, Houses & Parties, Rebecca provides ways for anyone to envision—and create—their own seasonal occasions at home.

Rebecca is a true curator of objects and accessories, having assembled for her retail site goods you will not find anywhere else. When conceiving House & Parties, Rebecca listed several adjectives and phrases to describe the site and her discoveries. Those words include: excellence, elegance, traveled, confident, colorful, irreverent, unexpected, off-beat, humor, fantasy. Because we know Rebecca so well and have included many of her projects and ideas in issues of MILIEU, we know that these very terms also exactly describe her, as a person. Rebecca is an original. And we could easily add to those terms—fun, engaging, personable, visionary, accomplished.

Upon the launch of her company, Houses & Parties, we are very proud of her. One of the defining features of her online site is her seasonal collections of goods, namely this season’s For Fall All Toile. Click onto to see what she means by that idea—a toile grasshopper-motif tablecloth, slipcovers, and dinner napkins; bird and butterfly–themed five-piece place setting; vintage Famille Rose dishes; bamboo flatware; a table lamp sporting a blue silk shade…. Here are all the elements you need to host that special fall-season event in your home. All that’s left is the guest list (and she might be able to help you that, too).

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Images courtesy of Houses & Parties