The Perfect Surface


Based in Atmore, Alabama, Peacock Pavers is a company noted for producing fine handcrafted pavers. Its products manage to marry an Old World appeal with a modern practicality. For two generations, teams of talented Southern artisans have been employing a secret family process to create beautiful concrete products that feel imbued with a rich history. The resulting work has an uncannily similarity, in fact, to ancient Italian travertine, with each paver defined by unique textures and marks specific to that piece.

Peacock Pavers are simple to install, with no cracking, and because they are made of recyclable concrete materials, the pavers are a more eco-friendly option than quarried stone while requiring far less fuel to produce.

This past spring, the company launched three new exciting shapes, expanding designers’ customization opportunities. The new Picket, Chevron, and Hexagon styles are sophisticated cuts—subtle in their impact, but thrilling to discover and immediately appreciated when experienced under foot.

The Picket is a retro pattern reminiscent of its namesake, the picket fence. The shape is ideal for creating dynamic visual interest in both small and large spaces. Its longer shape and pointed joints create an engaging dovetail effect.

The Chevron style is a linear pattern noted for fostering a dimensional illusion that visually lengthens any room. The Chevron provides endless opportunities to create geometric patterns, while mixing colors and directions. Why not try alternating black and white, or go bold with deep blues and greens?

The Hexagon, a classic shape, can transform large-scale interior flooring areas, as well as expanses of space that typically surround swimming pools. Try a monochromatic black finish for a modern, cool effect. It’s important to remember, too, that pavers add interest to more than just floors. Imagine these hexagonal shapes figuring on a fireplace surround or as a pool deck.

MILIEU’s Editor-in-Chief, Pamela Pierce, and Mirador Builders founder, Jennifer Hamelet, selected the Chevron pattern as the flooring for the garden terrace at the MILIEU Designer Showhouse, which took place in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood in June. These special pavers provided a sophisticated surface upon which McKinnon & Harris pieces lived beautifully.

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