Fresh Color Palette


With the launch of the new Spring 2021 Color Collection from LAtelier Paris, the joyful tones of springtime can be experienced year-round in your kitchen.  Find out what inspired these fifteen new hues.

L’Atelier Paris, the venerable firm known for its made-to-measure ranges, appliances, and luxury kitchens, recognizes this new year as one of “hope and joy,” a welcome change for us all. The new spring collection marks the occasion with products that sport an array of bright, cheerful colors.

“We are thrilled to be launching a new and refreshing color palette,” says Maria Moraes, Co-Founder and Creative Director for L’Atelier Paris Haute Design. “For this collection we created fifteen exclusive colors that beautifully complement our brand’s exceptional craftsmanship, Parisian-inspired designs, and cutting edge-technology in our custom ranges and cabinetry.”

The new Bleu Emeraude model is described as embodying the “color of the sky on a serene, crystal-clear day.” The Brise Tropicale is seen as “a fresh, calming aqua tone to transport you to the Mediterranean Sea.” And the Jaune Provencal, a color right out of the South of France, is “the awe-inspiring yellow to make the kitchen the joyful center of the home.”

Other colors include Orchidée Lavande, which evokes the lavender fields of France; Menthe de L’Orient, which assumes the cast of cool mint; and Printemps Violet, a hue that appears in your kitchen like the broad brushstrokes from an Impressionist master painter.

While there is a sense of poetry in these colors and descriptions, there is also a sense of the practical in your kitchen, for L’Atelier Paris designs recognize that the range is the centerpiece of your kitchen, the most important, essential element. Upon visiting one of the company’s many showrooms, you’ll be able to meet with an on-site designer who will listen to how you cook and entertain, and help you customize the range for your kitchen.

L’Atelier Paris has always been innovative, but this colorful new spring collection is visually awakening.  Pair this with the savory aromas from cooking, and it will be a feast for the senses.

Visit to find the showroom nearest you and to view the new spring collection.