The Wish List

Pamela Pierce, Editor-in-Chief

The best part of the holiday season is finding the right gifts for others. Everything on my wishlist is as much about what I admire as it is about what I want to share with my friends and family.

The Wish List

David Masello, Executive Editor

I live in New York and ache for the day when I can indulge in the life of the city again. And because I was born and raised in and around Chicago, I still miss that great American city.

The Wish List

Shannon Bowers, Editor-at-Large

Winter whites, elements of nature, and classic items that evoke a cozy winter of serenity and simplicity—these are what make up my holiday wish list.

The Wish List

Kimberly Crawford, Account Manager

For me it’s about art—looking at and appreciating art and design, making art and, when the colors/textures/style is working together, wearing art.

The Wish List

Leslie Newsom Rascoe, Design Director

My wish list is all about travel! Cannot wait until we can fly the friendly skies!

The Wish List

Jamé Fowler, Sales Director

I like taking road trips to discover artisans I adore and seeing their shops. I love exploring new places and the thrill of the hunt—just like my mamma. Seeing artisans craft their skills in a way that resembles a favorite destination or experience. West Texas, San Miguel, Spain…

The Wish List

James Slate, Art Director

My first choice for a career was architecture, and while that didn’t pan out (blame it on Calculus) I still gravitate toward home furnishings designed by architects.

Katrin Cargill, European Style Editor

Having spent my formative years in the Swiss Alps, I seem to have a bit of Heidi in me. I adore red. I love color; flowers, anything handcrafted; and really love Mozart!

Saray Fragoso, Digital Director

The more girlie, the more fun for me! On my wish list are things I think anyone young or young at heart would enjoy.

Megan Megas, Publisher

I lean toward subtle, earthy tones and textures, both in my home and in my closet. Interiors that reflect a calmness and sense of ease. And how can I resist a pair of fabulous cowboy boots to honor my Texas roots?!

Lauren Crane Alarcon, Senior Market Editor

Everything on my list is representative of activities that make me happy—being cozy at home, cooking and/or enjoying great food, and traveling…and doing it all in style.

Rug | Pillow | Watch | Table cloth and napkins | Bedding
Luggage | Pajamas | Robe | Grill pan | Art

Brooke Stuckey, Director of Advertising and Marketing

Cozy and quiet mornings, in the garden or inside by the fire, are on my wish list for the winter time.