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Kitchen specialist L’Atelier Paris opens its flagship West Coast location in West Hollywood, bringing the brand’s handcrafted kitchens to the California design community for the first time. MILIEU Style and Market Editor, Lucy Bamman, went on a visit to reveal the craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology you’ll find inside the showroom doors.

Ricardo Moraes is a man with a vision, so it is no surprise that he has big plans for the bespoke kitchen company L’Atelier Paris Haute Design. Since being anointed as CEO of L’Atelier Paris in 2019, Moraes has relaunched the historic French brand, opening showrooms in New York and Miami. His most recent venture is a new state-of-the-art showroom, opened at the beginning of July, in the heart of West Hollywood’s design district, where consumers, architects, and the members of LA’s design trade will find first-rate, fully-customizable kitchens, all handcrafted in Europe.

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design’s LA outpost (located at 8925 Beverly Boulevard), features the best of traditional French craftsmanship and cutting-edge kitchen design and technology. Indeed, the products on display directly reflect Moraes’s passion for balancing heritage with innovation.

Prior to acquiring L’Atelier Paris, Moraes ran a different kitchen company, and through that experience, the successful entrepreneur realized a sizeable gap in the kitchen market for fully customizable and fully functioning kitchens at a professional level that could be specified for private homes. As he recounts, “When we were fortunate enough to be able to acquire and revitalize the prestigious L’Atelier Paris Haute Design brand and its long legacy of making professional cooking ranges, we had the perfect opportunity to do all the things that were missing in this segment right from start.”

By stepping inside a L’Atelier Paris showroom, busy, weeknight meal-makers, Michelin starred chefs, and every level of kitchen enthusiast in between, will be inspired by not only the aesthetic choices, but will also experience first-hand the optimization and organizational options the company offers as well. “The idea is to give potential clients a taste for what we can create for them and what can be easily achieved. There is no limit to our execution capabilities, so in our new space in Los Angeles we are showing a sampling of different styles, materials, and finishes and a few configurations of our ranges, as well as vignettes that showcase both our superb handcrafted wood cabinets as well as the beauty of our powder-coated steel cabinetry.” Drawers and cabinets configured specifically for stockpots, spices, oils, and vinegars-of course, leave it to a French kitchen company to think of everything for the room the French believes to be the heart and soul of the home.

As people are spending more time in their homes, cooking meals instead of dining in restaurants, there is no better time to rethink your kitchen, and Moraes and his team agree. Showroom specialists will help you understand your wants and needs in the kitchen, and therefore make your life more beautiful and functional. L’Atelier Paris produces dream kitchens, and the sunny California sky is your limit.

Store hours are Monday through Friday, 10:30 AM–6:30 PM Pacific Time and on weekends by appointment.

For more information, please visit leatelierparis.com.

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Images courtesy of L’Atelier Paris