Elizabeth Gage, at the bench making her jewellery designs.

Goldsmith, jeweler, artist, sculptor Elizabeth Gage celebrates sixty years of creating timeless elegance—with yet more to come.

It was more than a glimmer for Elizabeth Gage when she first began working with one of her favorite materials: gold. Some 60 years ago, the now noted jewelry designer began training as a goldsmith, and she has yet to stop designing some of the most coveted jewelry of our time.

To celebrate this notable anniversary in her career and life, Elizabeth will be hosting a show November 8–10 at Club Colette in Palm Beach, which is open to the public, to present her latest collection. The exclusive reception and debut of new works precedes her appearance at the venerable Palm Beach Show (February 15–20, 2024), the annual celebration of jewelry, art, antiques, and design. For more information or to attend contact sales@elizabeth-gage.com.

Elizabeth’s Agincourt Ring, 1967 at The V&A Museum, London

Elizabeth’s Kiss Pin, 1972 at The V&A Museum, London

Elizabeth’s creations have become so iconic and distinctive that some of her works are featured in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and her many lifetime awards include being named to the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2017, whereupon she received an MBE (Member Of The Most Excellent Order Of the British Empire).

The Persian Carpet Agincourt Ring

For her entire and ongoing career, Elizabeth has approached the design of her jewelry in ways similar to that of an artist using a palette. She often combines brightly colored enamel and goldwork to create jewelry that she insists can be worn “day into night,” meaning that it is as timeless at any time of day as it is in any era. What she designs endures. Among her signature designs are the Agincourt works, in which a solid piece of gold in cut into interlinking sections and set with dazzlingly colored stones; her more recent Ottoman ring designs fuse classical elements with modern sensibilities.

As Elizabeth says of her forthcoming 60th anniversary, “When you do what you love, you will always succeed. I went into jewelry design because that was my calling. This milestone is a testament to the unwavering dedication of my team, our skilled team of craftsmen, and the unwavering support of our clients.”

Mint Green Tourmaline Charlemagne Ring

Aquamarine Tapered Templar

Many of her devoted clients will be in attendance at Club Colette, the private Palm Beach venue noted for its elegant parties, fundraisers, and wedding receptions. The multicolored jewels, gleaming gold surfaces, and sculptural shapes will be fully revealed—and available to be tried on—by attendees.

“Being able to create unique beauty that transcends time and brings the past into the present and making it wearable is what I have always striven for,” she says. In that sense, Elizabeth’s jewelry is both fashion and art.

Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Gage