Back To The Land: A New Way Of Life In The Country


New York’s Hudson River Valley, my home for decades, has become a destination and a brand as hip as Brooklyn. Just 90 minutes north of New York City, visitors here enjoy excellent hiking, shopping, inns, museums, and historic sites, though much of the beauty and charm of our region is deeply rooted in the earth around us—earth now being worked by a new generation of farmers.

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Star Style: Interiors of Martyn Lawrence Bullard


Regarding the namebrand interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, he is as much a star as the stars for whom he creates homes. In his new book, one of his favorite clients (and friends), Cher, writes in the foreword that “Martyn’s talents lie not only in his ability to design in literally any style, but —equally important—in his desire to work hand in hand with his clients.

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The Design of Retreats: Cabins, Cottages and Hideouts


It’s always illuminating to see the homes owned by leading interior designers, but it’s also exhilarating to see where they go when not at home—or at least where it is they go for a different version of home. The design writer Laura May Todd focuses on 40 getaways that leading designers have either fashioned for themselves or for their clients.

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Collecting Keepsakes


Most of us are unable to throw out anything of sentimental value. And, so, we should make no judgments on the celebrated English textiles designer and interior decorator Flora Soames, who admits, in her new book, The One Day Box: A Life-Changing Love of Home: “The fact I still have my dachshund Enid’s whiskers in a pot on my mantelpiece from fifteen years ago probably tells you all you need to know.”

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Bunny Williams: Life in the Garden


Bunny Williams decorates the room outside her house with the same care and vision that uses for the spaces inside. From every room of her 18th-century manor house in Litchfield County, Connecticut, the noted interior designer’s garden “rooms” are visible

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Country Life: Homes of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley


There are several “escape” places that New Yorkers know about—those locales some two hours away from Manhattan that serve as respites for weary city folk. Of all the regions, though, the adjoining Catskills and the lush Hudson Valley have long been the favorites.

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A Life In Design


A real-life conversation with designer Kathryn Ireland is one of the great pleasures of life, and while most of us may not have met her in person, here she is in print, with as much gusto and presence as if she were in our own living room.

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Sense of Place: Design Inspired by Where We Live


This mother-daughter team of interior designers, who are also noted travel writers, have recognized something fundamental but profound in what makes a house into a home. Flemming and Goebel look to the world around them—and wherever they go—with an attention to detail that any one of us can adopt.

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Create: At Home with Old & New


It’s a frequently uttered remark by interior designers—the desire to mix old and new items. While it’s an easy concept to say, it’s not so easy to execute. But seasoned interior stylist and writer, Ali Heath, shows us a series of perfect examples of rooms that combine vintage and antique finds with decidedly contemporary elements.

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A Fiesta Of Style


Newell Turner has been consumed by an obsession that he has finally addressed in his new book, Mexican: A Journey Through Design (Vendome).

A Fiesta Of Style2023-11-16T15:18:32-06:00


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