Arranging Things


Illuminating the often misunderstood role of an interiors stylist, Colin King’s Arranging Things (Rizzoli) is a masterful look at the numinous, even sacred, nature of objects and an introspective musing on their dynamic placement. King writes how styling “can be a daily practice, one that empowers you to see the world differently and find new meaning in your surroundings.”

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Cocktails With A Curator: The Frick Collection


Xavier Salomon, Aimee Ng, and Giulio Dalvit began to broadcast, live and unscripted from their own homes, something called Cocktails with a Curator, a series watched by some 1.8 million viewers. Now that the museum is fully open again, a new book of the same name (published by Rizzoli) features shortened versions of those web performances.

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The Ultimate Bath


Barbara Sallick remembers a particular shower she took nearly four decades ago. As she recalls in her new book, The Ultimate Bath (Rizzoli), she and her husband had purposely checked into a deluxe suite at London’s Claridge House so that they could try out the bathroom—use that very room as inspiration for what was then their still-nascent company, Waterworks.

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Getting Possessive


Maria Hummer-Tuttle understands the objects she owns—that they needn’t be valuable to be of value. Although she has long appreciated this perspective on the artworks, statuettes, jewelry, dishware—even the crayon drawings done by her grandchildren—in her possession, Hummer-Tuttle came to understand it in a profound way years ago while in her Los Angeles home.

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House Proud


Even though Rose Tarlow, the noted furniture and interior designer, calls this book Three Houses (Vendome), it’s really about four houses. It seems her East Coast girlhood home, Windrift, which burned down in 1966, remains the idyllic dwelling through which she wanders constantly in her imagination.

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Visite Priveé: Artists & Creatives at Home


Being creative sometimes relies, in significant part, on where we live. The actual rooms in which we socialize and sleep, cook and entertain often determine our creative states of mind and our creative output.

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Living by the Sea


The title alone says what most of us wish. Whether it’s a view of an ocean, a Great Lake, a pond or even a stream, something about living in a house close to the water that speaks to our collective aesthetic selves.

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Woods + Dangaran: Architecture and Interiors


Architects Brett Woods and Joe Dangaran admit to a passion for midcentury Modern design—so much so that they are often commissioned to restore the best examples of the genre, including Craig Ellwood’s iconic 1965 house, known as the Moore House.

Woods + Dangaran: Architecture and Interiors2022-04-12T14:39:46-05:00

Jean-Louis Deniot: Destinations


Although it’s often long in the making, a new name in interior design does seemingly vault to the top overnight—and stay there. An example of that would be Jean-Louis Deniot a French designer who lives in Paris, but whose designs are seen around the world.

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