A Fiesta Of Style


Newell Turner has been consumed by an obsession that he has finally addressed in his new book, Mexican: A Journey Through Design (Vendome).

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A Greek Idyll


Miguel Flores-Vianna has been everywhere in the world and has met, seemingly, everyone worth meeting in it, “Greece has been a constant part of the rhythm of my life.” In his new book, Haute Bohemians: Greece, the Argentine-born Flores-Vianna writes of his ongoing travels to the southernmost country in Europe.

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Suzanne Kasler: Edited Style


For those who know and follow the work of interior designer Suzanne Kasler, it’s a particular thrill to see her own home as the first featured project in her new book, Suzanne Kasler: Edited Style. Long known for her ability to fashion elegant, serene interiors in every type of residence in every part of the world in which she works, here in this volume we begin with her Regency-style home in Atlanta.

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Creative Interior Solutions


For more than 40 years, Wolf has endured as one of the designers of our time. His rooms are like no one else’s–with a purity, sense of restraint, elegance, and form that immediately reveal Wolf as the maker. While this book looks in detail at many of his projects, the most exciting chapter of all is one that delves into his own New York City loft.

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Michael Del Piero: Traveled and Textural


In a perfect alliteration, which mirrors the very harmony of her rooms, interior designer Michael Del Piero’s new book is arranged in four sections: Relaxed, Refined, Rough, Restrained. While Del Piero’s style is always identifiable as hers alone, no single completed project of hers is the same.

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Suzanne Rheinstein: A Welcoming Elegance


Among the most memorable phrases that the late Suzanne Rheinstein had used to describe herself is “few things but better things.” No interior designer was better able to adhere to her own self directive. In her new, and alas, last book, published just days before her death, viewers see exactly how she was able to create rooms that incorporate seemingly disparate elements, but which result in spaces that are cohesive, refined, and elegant.

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McAlpine: Romantic Modernism


We’re not afraid to admit that Bobby McAlpine is one of MIILIEU’s favorite architects, having featured his projects in numerous issues of the magazine over the years. Why do we love his work? Because every house he designs is unexpected; he is never derivative of anyone else, nor does he ever repeat himself.

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Brilliant English Gardens


Some people have a special talent for growing gardens. Clive Nichols has an uncanny talent for photographing them. The English garden photographer (who MILIEU has featured in numerous issues) takes us here into gardens throughout his native England

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The House of a Lifetime: A Collector’s Journey in Tangier


Something about the Moroccan city of Tangier that continues to inspire artists and writers. Here, the noted Italian writer and horticulturalist, Umberto Pasti, opens the actual door to his own villa in the city, filled as it is with Moroccan artworks and objects, as well as furnishings, textiles, rare tiles, and ceramics that would qualify to make his home into a private museum, should he ever wish to do so.

The House of a Lifetime: A Collector’s Journey in Tangier2023-05-09T14:22:05-05:00

Arranging Things


Illuminating the often misunderstood role of an interiors stylist, Colin King’s Arranging Things (Rizzoli) is a masterful look at the numinous, even sacred, nature of objects and an introspective musing on their dynamic placement. King writes how styling “can be a daily practice, one that empowers you to see the world differently and find new meaning in your surroundings.”

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