Showing Off New York’s Newest Showrooms


One of the defining features of the fall season in and around New York is the debut of “the new”—the new Broadway plays, stores, art exhibitions, musical performances. But this season is filled with an even bigger variety of openings. Some of the world’s most renowned interior design brands and manufacturers are debuting new and expanded showrooms in and near the city. MILIEU takes a tour to preview these inspiring destinations.

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A Jewel Among Jewels


Goldsmith, jeweler, artist, sculptor Elizabeth Gage celebrates sixty years of crating timeless elegance—with yet more to come.

A Jewel Among Jewels2023-10-11T11:56:02-05:00

Thirza Collection


With the mission of inspiring their clients through art, design, and craftsmanship, McKinnon & Harris is known for its timeless, yet enduring bench-built outdoor furniture. Founded over 30 years ago by Virginia-based siblings Will and Ann Massie, the family-owned company has always recognized the importance of furnishing outdoor spaces as an extension of one’s home. 

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Behind the Scenes of Larger Than Life


The Spring 2023 cover story is so wonderfully playful and colorful, as well as creative in showing the vast varieties of wallcoverings on the market.  However it wasn't until I saw the "behind the scenes" photos from the shoot that I fully appreciated fantastic, and frankly surprising, scale of the vignettes.

Behind the Scenes of Larger Than Life2023-04-10T00:11:29-05:00

MILIEU Heart-to-Heart


It's love at first sight...  and smell, and taste, and touch and sound! Find out what is pulling at our editors' heartstrings this Valentines.

MILIEU Heart-to-Heart2023-04-10T07:05:56-05:00


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