Conversations with Mili


As an interior designer, I am on a constant search for unique products and interesting artisans to introduce into my projects. When I discovered KUFRI textiles hand-woven fabrics and pillows by Mili Suleman, I was immediately impressed by its craftsmanship and ethos.

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Recipe for Success


The new Pret-a-Porter program and range colors from L’Atelier Paris will make your kitchen a feast for the eyes.  What used to happen every season in Paris ready-to-wear fashion, is now happening in your own kitchen.

Recipe for Success2023-06-01T13:32:51-05:00

Behind the Scenes of Larger Than Life


The Spring 2023 cover story is so wonderfully playful and colorful, as well as creative in showing the vast varieties of wallcoverings on the market.  However it wasn't until I saw the "behind the scenes" photos from the shoot that I fully appreciated fantastic, and frankly surprising, scale of the vignettes.

Behind the Scenes of Larger Than Life2023-04-10T00:11:29-05:00

MILIEU Heart-to-Heart


It's love at first sight...  and smell, and taste, and touch and sound! Find out what is pulling at our editors' heartstrings this Valentines.

MILIEU Heart-to-Heart2023-04-10T07:05:56-05:00


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