Making A Splash


When I entered a greenhouse for the first time as a child, the warmth and humidity of its tropical climate fogged my eyeglasses. I removed my scarf and mittens, inhaling deeply the unexpected scent of sweet earth and fragrant blossoms; during my time inside, everything outside seemed inconsequential. That childlike sense of wonder and pleasure returns each time I enter a greenhouse, or even see one in the landscape near my Hudson Valley home.

There is something magical about a greenhouse, a dynamic well known by Hartley Botanic, one of the oldest and most respected greenhouse manufacturers in the world. Beyond their horticultural utility, these stunning, light-filled structures also provide a portal into another realm, a place to experience a change of season simply by crossing a threshold.

People often have a set view of how a greenhouse could be used. However, while most greenhouses are still intended for the cultivation and protection of tender plants, they’re increasingly being brought out of the vegetable patch, and put to work as extraordinary multi-use spaces. Think artist’s studio, yoga or meditation space, or even an al fresco dining room.

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This story appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of MILIEU.