Written by Tim McKeough (Beta Plus Publishing)

In a perfect alliteration, which mirrors the very harmony of her rooms, interior designer Michael Del Piero’s new book is arranged in four sections: Relaxed, Refined, Rough, Restrained. While Del Piero’s style is always identifiable as hers alone, no single completed project of hers is the same. Based in both Chicago and the Hamptons, Del Piero has created homes throughout the U.S., each an exemplar of style and refinement (a few of which we featured in the pages of MILIEU). As she relates in the book, Del Piero was immersed in a career as a corporate consultant, helping major corporations build, flourish, and inspire their employees in the process. It makes perfect sense that she was able to transition to a career (launched in 2007) to help people make their homes into a reflection of themselves. This book reveals her techniques and, in so doing, teaches readers how to transform their own living spaces.