Real Talk Real Design

Real Talk, Real Design Outdoors and In

The Junior League of the New Orleans Garden Club and JLNO Interior Decorating Club hosted a joint meeting at the lovely Uptown home of Lori and Bobby Savoie, with MILIEU’s Design Director, Leslie Newsom Rascoe, as the keynote speaker. Lisa Brooking and Sally Forman, Co-Presidents of the JLNO Garden Club, welcomed more than 250 members representing the organization’s most ardent interior design and garden enthusiasts.

The presentation was held outdoors in the sun-filled garden, noted for its towering palms, manicured lawns, and statuary, an expanse created, in large part, by landscape gardener Karl Becnel. Seasonal garlands and wreaths by Stephen Sonnier of Dunn & Sonnier, and bouquets of fragrant white roses, paperwhites, oranges and kumquats from Petite Fleur by Lisa Brooking, were on display.

In keeping with their special interests, the Garden Club members entered through an impressive garden gate, while the Interior Decorating Club members entered through the front door of the home, able to witness the extraordinary interior design work by Jeanne Barousse. Leslie focused her address on the idea of authenticity in design, both inside and outside a home. The talk was especially relevant to the assembled guests since New Orleans is a city long celebrated for its colorful and independent spirit. Not surprisingly, Leslie’s talk was well received and members left not only with a copy of MILIEU, but with fresh ideas for their own home and garden.