by Martyn Lawrence Bullard (Vendome)

Regarding the namebrand interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, he is as much a star as the stars for whom he creates homes. In his new book, one of his favorite clients (and friends), Cher, writes in the foreword that “Martyn’s talents lie not only in his ability to design in literally any style, but —equally important—in his desire to work hand in hand with his clients to make sure their spaces reflect their dreams, crafting beauty that is personal, glamorous and supremely livable.” Indeed, some of the stars featured in this book for whom Bullard has made their homes livable include fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, rock star Elton John, and TV phenomena Ru Paul and Ellen Pompeo. But one of the biggest surprises of all is to see the rooms he has fashioned for himself (and which we have shown in a past issue of MILIEU) in Los Angeles, which was once owned by Tina Turner, an example of a home that has gone from star to star.