McKinnon and Harris’s design retreat, held during Virginia’s Historic Garden Week, has MILIEU’s design director dreaming in green

Outside McKinnon and Harris headquarters, Richmond, Virginia

Alice and Will Massie’s verdant garden

Awe-struck is the word that comes to mind when recalling my recent visit with fellow editors, designers, and landscape architects to McKinnon and Harris’s headquarters in leafy Richmond, Virginia. We’ve come to expect their showrooms to be the pinnacle of elegance—ethereal spaces bathed in natural light, laced with antiquities that perfectly illuminate their sublime outdoor furniture. However, I was surprised to discover that McKinnon and Harris’s state-of-the-art workshop is equally inspiring.

The Richmond showroom is filled with natural light and collected treasures. Above: The Benedict Badminton Chair.

Basing their first designs on traditional English garden furniture, McKinnon and Harris has continuously added classic designs and perfected their crafting techniques to achieve sustainable furniture that truly stands the test of time (and elements!).

Interior designer Shelby Wagner gets a lesson in bending. An expert welder at work.

Mitch Owens (center), Liz Caan, and Maria Crosby Pollard learn the art of sculpting.

From aluminum kitting, welding, and sculpting to cutting-edge titanium undercoating, powder coating, and upholstery, our attentive group was enthralled with the innovative processes from start to finish. Clearly evident was the passion, skill, and artistry possessed by each master craftsperson (5 years training) at every stage of production.

Alice and Will Massie at home

From left to right: Liz Caan, Erik Pulkkinen, Mitch Owens, Michelle Russell, Adam Lindsey. Sarah Ramsey and Leslie Newsom Rascoe

Feeling like part of the McKinnon and Harris family, we gathered at founder and CEO Will Massie and wife Alice’s historic home and dreamy gardens for a candle-lit soiree under the stars.

Richmond’s gardens in full bloom during Virginia’s Historic Garden Week.

The cherry on top of our delightful tour was visiting three enchanting gardens at the height of their beauty, befitting the annual garden lover’s rite of passage that is Historic Garden Week.

Happy Campers: Erik Pulkkinen, Robin Kramer, Leslie Newsom Rascoe, Adam Lindsey, Sarah Ramsey, Chad Dorsey, Liz Caan, Erk Sterite, Shelby Wagner, Mitch Owens, Maria Crosby Pollard.

We ended our retreat feeling inspired by everything we had seen, content with newly forged friendships, and deep appreciation for our hosts at McKinnon and Harris.

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Photography: Brittany Daniel and Leslie Newsom Rascoe

Produced by: Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU Design Director