MILIEU Gift Guide 2021

One of the joys of being an editor is to learn about what is in the hearts and minds of creative people. And one person I have been very intrigued by is artist Wayne Pate. I have followed his work on Instagram for some time now because I am drawn to his overall whimsical sensibility and his use of bright colors. Wayne’s art appears to be from a “happy place.”

I was eager to learn more about Wayne and what influences his art. And now, after our conversation, I even more so appreciate all aspects of his work. And, of course, I loved learning he was a Texan turned European. His art is at the top of my wish list for my clients and myself.

Enjoy our conversation and the artworks provided by Wayne.

Wayne, please trace your journey from Texas to France for us.

Ok, warp speed version… Dallas born… NYC bound 92’… Paris 2018-2019… A unique moment in time for us as a family to either seize the moment or look back in regret.

What is your favorite thing about living in Paris and what do you miss most about your home state of Texas?

Paris—this is tough because I want to be mindful to all. I think the one thing one possesses is the fortitude to exist in such a place of great history. Parisian pride extends to the furthest arrondissements. Paris brings out great emotion in all who dwell.

Honestly I miss the heat of Texas! Dallas where I grew up, always had that unexpected cultural X factor, especially downtown. I was a DJ for many years. The Stark Club alone was my stomping ground where I was the occasional DJ, and my dear friend Go Go Mike Dupriest was the resident DJ. I remember one New Years Eve he was struck down with appendicitis so it was left to me for the whole night! That energy and that sound system, priceless. In addition there is that “Je ne sais quoi” about being a Texan.

There is such a light-hearted and whimsical manner to your pieces. What inspires your paintings?

Each of us is born with a unique filtering system and no matter what I plot out in my head it will ultimately be executed in a certain way. That may vary but if it is sincere, there will be a constant. Take [Ernest] Hemingway’s runaway away narrative of writing, slow that down and it’s unrecognizable.

Are your paintings primarily small scale? 

Funny you ask that as it simply comes down to one part laziness and another part wanting to use up all of my materials on hand. All artists approach their work singularly and for me the spontaneity of my day-to-day is imperative. So the fact that my current work is at a smaller scale is due to current circumstance.

Where can your artwork be found or purchased?

Octavia Art Gallery in the United States, Otomys in Melbourne, Australia, and through various direct inquiries.

Describe any other creative collaborations currently on your easel.

At the moment a new textile and wallpaper collection to be debuted with my great friends at Studio Four NYC in spring 2023. A bespoke commissioned-based service, which consists of clay/terracotta mural compositions for interiors and exteriors with my partner, Sarah Watson of Balineum, London.

What artists inspire you? – One past, one present.

Ivon Hitchens, past, Brice Marden, present.

What travel plans do you have for 2023?

As we are currently living in New Zealand, we plan to take vantage of our geographical location and travel to various points in Asia.

Wayne Pate’s new paintings will be exhibited along side Pierre Bergian’s work at Octavia Gallery in New Orleans in February-March 2023.



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