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Laying New Ground


American designer Timothy Corrigan finds and restores French châteaux and their gardens. His new royal home is surrounded by plantings that are set to grow well into the future.

Laying New Ground2024-06-03T16:18:55-05:00

Design Theory


For his clients, Oliver Furth brought a vintage Beverly Hills house into the present—opening up its rooms for an active family and embracing California sunlight and air

Design Theory2024-06-03T16:17:18-05:00

French Revolution


After reviving an 18th-century Paris apartment, a designing couple counters classical flourishes with contemporary art and furniture, forging a link between past and present

French Revolution2024-05-14T10:17:31-05:00

In Good Time


A Parisian antiques dealer found the perfect antique—a centuries-old house in Normandy that he has restored into a masterpiece for today

In Good Time2024-03-01T09:40:53-06:00

House of their Dreams


A creative Houston couple envisioned a new look for their century-old cottage. After a complete redoing, the big picture is now complete

House of their Dreams2024-04-05T10:36:34-05:00

The Nature of Things


A noted London design couple look often to what lies outdoors—the shapes, forms, flora, colors of the natural world—for inspiration about how to live inside their home

The Nature of Things2024-04-05T10:45:44-05:00

Montecito Mellow


A couple decided to scale back to a smaller house in their hometown, but needed Richard Hallberg to make it bright and serene with California light

Montecito Mellow2024-04-05T10:39:27-05:00

Modern Vintage


Heidi Caillier was intent on mixing eras and moods in a client’s century-old house in a quiet Seattle neighborhood

Modern Vintage2023-12-05T11:49:29-06:00

Leaving A Mark


Here, as with all of his projects, interior designer Darryl Carter has accomplished what he always does best—to make a serene, comfortable home that accommodates any lifestyle

Leaving A Mark2023-12-05T11:41:24-06:00


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