Telling A New Story


Designer Sheila Bridges reinterprets traditional toile forms to reflect contemporary experiences relevant to her life and everyone’s

Telling A New Story2023-09-01T09:27:02-05:00

Creative License


Can a graphic designer and creative director also be a fine artist? Yes, as Lisa Hunt proves repeatedly.

Creative License2023-06-01T10:14:34-05:00

Fitting In


Architect Andrew Trotter builds structures so distinctive that they define their locales and become immediate icons. Yet, whatever he designs seems endemic to a given region and its people.

Fitting In2023-04-10T03:27:38-05:00

Past and Present


Atlanta antiques dealers Shane Robuck and Kristen Walls find furnishings from centuries ago that, when placed in rooms today, make us appreciate our varied connections to the past

Past and Present2022-12-14T10:18:58-06:00

A Natural Woman


The professional collaboration between publishing legend Marian McEvoy and designer Kerry Joyce is grounded in nature-and mutual respect

A Natural Woman2022-08-31T10:43:22-05:00

Glass Acts


A greenhouse is the ultimate outdoor room, a place for growing plants, but also an alternative space for living and entertaining outside the home. It's a lifestyle change now cultivated by Hartley Botanic.

Glass Acts2022-06-23T14:23:15-05:00

Designing Man


Over his long career, John Saladino has recognized design as both a practical art and as a philosophy centered on how best to live daily life

Designing Man2022-06-01T09:41:45-05:00

Making A Splash


Barbara Sallick, founder of Waterworks, recognized that home baths were a neglected domain of design. She set out to create fixtures and finishes that would transform our most utilitarian room at home into one with style.

Making A Splash2022-05-13T01:55:39-05:00

Material Girl


Connecticut-based Rosemary Hallgarten designs rugs and fabrics from materials so rich and textured that when completed they take on another dimension.

Material Girl2022-05-13T02:26:13-05:00

The Couple That Designs Together


Courtney and Randy Tilinski, founders of Bungalow Classic, created a home base for Atlantans, while also creating a lasting home together

The Couple That Designs Together2021-12-13T15:49:51-06:00


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