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Conversations with Mili


As an interior designer, I am on a constant search for unique products and interesting artisans to introduce into my projects. When I discovered KUFRI textiles hand-woven fabrics and pillows by Mili Suleman, I was immediately impressed by its craftsmanship and ethos.

Conversations with Mili2023-08-28T15:13:53-05:00

Recipe for Success


The new Pret-a-Porter program and range colors from L’Atelier Paris will make your kitchen a feast for the eyes.  What used to happen every season in Paris ready-to-wear fashion, is now happening in your own kitchen.

Recipe for Success2023-08-28T15:07:55-05:00

The Palette of Wayne Pate


One of the joys of being an editor is to learn about what is in the hearts and minds of creative people. And one person I have been very intrigued by is artist Wayne Pate.

The Palette of Wayne Pate2023-02-08T14:35:32-06:00

Unloading with Tara Shaw


For several years, beginning in the late 90s, designers lucky enough to be in the New Orleans and Houston areas would mark their calendars for Tara Shaw’s new shipment dates. Shannon Bowers, MILIEU Editor-at-Large, catches up here with Tara just as she is unloading a new shipment.

Unloading with Tara Shaw2023-02-08T14:38:39-06:00

Furlow’s Folly


In fond memory of Furlow Gatewood (August 28, 1921 - October 29, 2022), we wanted to share this story about Furlow's new collection, Furlow's Folly, with his dear friend John Rosselli, published in the Winter 2020 issue of MILIEU.  Even at the young age of 98, he never stopped designing beautiful pieces for the home.  "Furlow Gatewood: Always loved. Never Forgotten. Thank you." - Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU Design Director, and producer of "Furlow's Folly"  for MILIEU

Furlow’s Folly2023-02-08T14:25:25-06:00

Breathing Room: The World of Pierre Bergian


Hovering between dream state and reality is the ethereal world of Belgian artist Pierre Bergian. As a child growing up in Bruges and Ghent, Bergian was a curious sort. Intrigued by the old abandoned buildings he encountered along the waterways of the Low Country, he developed a fascination with interior spaces and architecture that would influence the course of his life.

Breathing Room: The World of Pierre Bergian2022-11-03T15:13:45-05:00

Meet Alice Sergeant


MILIEU had the pleasure of visiting with the noted and prolific textile designer Alice Sergeant. Her new fabric and wallpaper lines reflect her heritage, her world travels, her love of all things French, and her background in fashion. Not only are we excited to share with you Alice’s collection, but also our conversation about her creative process and what inspires her designs.

Meet Alice Sergeant2022-10-31T14:53:33-05:00

Flower Child


Ethereal. Preternatural. Otherworldly. These are adjectives that blossom forth when first encountering botanical sculptor Tiffanie Turner’s exquisitely crafted, often larger than life, paper flowers.

Flower Child2022-08-16T10:37:33-05:00

Dream Gardeners


Renowned landscape architects make their living wrestling with this very dilemma: controlling the uncontrollable. However, it is in their attempt to harness nature that true magic ensues. Meet Miguel Urquijo and Renate Kastner of Urquijo-Kastner Landscape and Garden Design Studio.

Dream Gardeners2022-08-03T10:58:08-05:00


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