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Every edition of MILIEU takes our readers to destinations around the world with travel stories that are visually stunning, offer unique experiences, and make lasting impressions

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Behind the Scenes of Toiles de Joy


I had a vision for a wedding-in-toile, and I knew that our European Style Editor, Katrin Cargill, could realize this story. Enjoy exclusive video footage on set of the Spring 2022 cover shoot.

Behind the Scenes of Toiles de Joy2022-05-10T16:04:42-05:00

Trimmed and True


Samuel & Sons has been making fine trims for more than tree-quarters of a century. While the family firm proudly acknowledges its long legacy and its anthology of patterns, it also continues to move forward with new products.

Trimmed and True2022-05-13T02:01:05-05:00

The MILIEU Valentine’s Edit


A hand-written love note is one of our favorite Valentine's gifts, but sometimes, having that special something to go along with it can be even sweeter. Take a queue from the MILIEU cupids (aka editors) for gift ideas that speak the language of love.

The MILIEU Valentine’s Edit2022-05-13T02:11:31-05:00

MILIEU Gift Guide 2021


This holiday season, we've put a twist on our annual gift-giving guide by selecting the best of the best in sync with interior design styles.

MILIEU Gift Guide 20212022-05-13T03:36:32-05:00

Your Round Top Short List on the MILIEU Insider


The Round Top Antiques Fair can feel a bit overwhelming to plan with so many sites and vendors worth visiting. MILIEU’s editors did some advance shopping for you this season. We honed in on four of our favorite Fall fair destinations— places where you will find ideas, inspiration, and lots of shopping opportunities.

Your Round Top Short List on the MILIEU Insider2022-05-13T03:15:43-05:00

Behind the Scenes of the Paper Trail


I’m sharing my work as it was in progress for the latest production for MILIEU‘s Fall issue. My editorial task was to create “rooms” made of humble brown paper and corrugated cardboard to showcase iconic modern pieces along with antiques.

Behind the Scenes of the Paper Trail2022-05-13T03:08:14-05:00

The Roles Rugs Play


In an exclusive interview with Sarah Tringhese of Matt Camron Rugs and Tapestries, Sarah conveys the new methods and current ideas she is seeing while working with designers.

The Roles Rugs Play2022-05-13T03:07:25-05:00

All About April Openings


Home and garden storefronts and showrooms have been busy expanding this Spring with renovations, moves, and the opening of new locations. The MILIEU editors have the story on 8 new or transformed décor destinations to visit from the Grea Lakes to Florida's Atlantic coast.

All About April Openings2022-05-13T03:04:20-05:00

Best in Show


Go behind MILIEU's Spring 2021 cover story with Katrin Cargill, MILIEU European Editor, to learn about her creative process and the special challenges she faced—and overcame—to produce this glorious photoshoot.

Best in Show2022-04-06T06:07:57-05:00


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