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The Nature of Things


A noted London design couple look often to what lies outdoors—the shapes, forms, flora, colors of the natural world—for inspiration about how to live inside their home

The Nature of Things2024-04-05T10:45:44-05:00

Out Of The Ordinary


A fall party in an English garden is always memorable, but especially so when it celebrates MILIEU’s 10th anniversary.

Out Of The Ordinary2023-09-01T09:28:39-05:00

Larger Than Life


Nature is in full bloom, and in these wallpapers, art truly imitates life. Patterns of flowers and plants—whether the details are realistic or abstract—bring the spirit of spring to life and into your home.

Larger Than Life2023-04-10T03:58:58-05:00

Seasonal Transformations


When she’s at her California home, a Houston interior designer marks the seasons by tying on new slipcovers—colors and prints for the fall and winter, and calmer pastels for spring and summer

Seasonal Transformations2022-12-14T10:31:27-06:00

The Great Cover-Up


Slipcovers allow you to make changes at home without making changes—or much of one. Old furniture becomes new. Add tassels and piping, trims and fringes, skirts and pleats to the slipcover, and the possibilities for transforming furniture and the rooms in which they figure become even greater—as Katrin Cargill, MILIEU's European Style Editor, proves here.

The Great Cover-Up2022-08-31T10:50:08-05:00

A Bloom in Bloomsbury


Designer Kit Kemp honors the colorful traditions of her historic London neighborhood by making the rooms of her home bright with pattern and texture

A Bloom in Bloomsbury2022-05-13T01:59:56-05:00

Setting The Scene


SETTING THE SCENE For centuries, scenic wallpapers have been telling stories in homes. When cherished objects and furnishings are positioned with the designs, interiors take on a new meaning. Los Alamos mural hand-painted on silk, FROMENTAL,  Drapery [...]

Setting The Scene2022-05-13T03:27:27-05:00


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