Magazine Stories by Miguel Flores-Vianna

An Artful Life


Isabel López-Quesada’s longtime friend called on the designer to create a new home and sense of place for her and her family in Madrid

An Artful Life2023-03-01T10:42:10-06:00

Changing Times


For years, a Dallas couple had been happy in their home. Then, one day, they realized it had become dated. A designer and an architect have made them feel at home again.

Changing Times2022-08-31T10:48:31-05:00

Firm Foundation


MILIEU's Editor-at-Large, along with an acclaimed architect, worked together to create a new home and a family whose rooms are filled with joy

Firm Foundation2022-05-13T02:54:25-05:00

Family Retreat


A Spanish family leaves Madrid on weekends for their home in the country, a place as much for themselves as it is for their guests

Family Retreat2022-05-13T02:59:02-05:00

Enduring Gardens


The flourishing grounds at Toledo's centuries-old Galiana Palace are one of the quiet wonders of Europe

Enduring Gardens2022-05-09T15:33:16-05:00

My Island


Explore Gran Canaria with noted design editor Min Hogg and see why the Spanish island’s history, terrain, and locals make this her beloved home away from home

My Island2022-05-10T16:02:28-05:00


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