Magazine Stories by Chris Little

Married to Design


Interior designer and owner of Nashville’s The Iron Gate, Rozanne Jackson and architect Glen Oxford not only live together as husband and wife, but also frequently collaborate on projects. MILIEU’s Executive Editor, David Masello, spoke to them to find out how they work together—and why it works.

Married to Design2022-05-13T02:08:15-05:00

A Couple’s Retreat


An architect and an interior designer built their second home as both a creative act and as a place where they could be at their most creative

A Couple’s Retreat2022-05-13T02:45:40-05:00

My Chattanooga


As owners of Revival Home, Rodney Simmons and Billy Woodall are players in the successful revival of a great Tennessee city. They lead us to their favorite destinations.

My Chattanooga2022-05-13T03:03:06-05:00


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