Magazine Stories by David Masello

A Fiesta Of Style


Newell Turner has been consumed by an obsession that he has finally addressed in his new book, Mexican: A Journey Through Design (Vendome).

A Fiesta Of Style2023-11-16T15:18:32-06:00

Imagining Home


Even before they found it and moved in, a London design couple knew exactly the kind of house they wanted for themselves and their children

Imagining Home2023-09-01T09:36:50-05:00

Shore Lines


The interior designer and architect of a new house in suburban Chicago ensured that its most prominent feature, Lake Michigan, remained the centerpiece of every room

Shore Lines2023-09-01T09:36:14-05:00

Going Natural


As a traveling exhibition of works by Edvard Munch makes clear, the artist invested his scenes of nature with as much emotion and personality as he did his figures

Going Natural2023-06-01T10:14:16-05:00

A Greek Idyll


Miguel Flores-Vianna has been everywhere in the world and has met, seemingly, everyone worth meeting in it, “Greece has been a constant part of the rhythm of my life.” In his new book, Haute Bohemians: Greece, the Argentine-born Flores-Vianna writes of his ongoing travels to the southernmost country in Europe.

A Greek Idyll2023-06-01T10:14:09-05:00

Moving Into Town


After living for decades in the Spanish countryside, two designers moved to the main street of a Catalan village, where they have become daily players in its life

Moving Into Town2023-06-01T10:20:42-05:00

A Lasting Legacy


An interior designer and architect collaborated to create a new home for a client outside Birmingham. It’s a residence that is sure to endure into the future.

A Lasting Legacy2023-06-01T10:19:56-05:00

Fitting In


Architect Andrew Trotter builds structures so distinctive that they define their locales and become immediate icons. Yet, whatever he designs seems endemic to a given region and its people.

Fitting In2023-04-10T03:27:38-05:00

Past and Present


Atlanta antiques dealers Shane Robuck and Kristen Walls find furnishings from centuries ago that, when placed in rooms today, make us appreciate our varied connections to the past

Past and Present2022-12-14T10:18:58-06:00

The Warmth of Iceland


MILIEU’s Design Director, Leslie Newsom Rascoe, along with her son and daughter, followed the island nation’s Ring Road, finding wonders both man-made and natural along the way

The Warmth of Iceland2022-12-14T10:18:50-06:00


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