Magazine Stories by Edward Mccann

Glass Acts


A greenhouse is the ultimate outdoor room, a place for growing plants, but also an alternative space for living and entertaining outside the home. It's a lifestyle change now cultivated by Hartley Botanic.

Glass Acts2022-06-23T14:23:15-05:00

A Bloom in Bloomsbury


Designer Kit Kemp honors the colorful traditions of her historic London neighborhood by making the rooms of her home bright with pattern and texture

A Bloom in Bloomsbury2022-05-13T01:59:56-05:00

Material Girl


Connecticut-based Rosemary Hallgarten designs rugs and fabrics from materials so rich and textured that when completed they take on another dimension.

Material Girl2022-05-13T02:26:13-05:00

MILIEU Presents at the DISCOVER ADAC Fall Market 2021


As part of ADAC’s 60th anniversary year, MILIEU is honored to sponsor and present this conversation as part of the annual DISCOVER ADAC Fall market taking place September 21 – 23, 2021.

MILIEU Presents at the DISCOVER ADAC Fall Market 20212022-05-13T02:52:53-05:00

A Head Start


Much of the houses and many of its elements were already in place when Ray Booth began his work—and yet he transformed what existed into something new and fresh

A Head Start2021-12-10T11:16:17-06:00

Check In


The world has changed, and the way we travel has changed. After months of relative isolation, many of us are hungry for a change of scenery, trying to imagine a vacation that still allows for some social distance.

Check In2022-05-13T02:23:08-05:00

Cultivating Good Taste


Thirty minutes and a world away from the bustle of Nashville, Bloomsbury Farm cultivates far more than organic vegetables.

Cultivating Good Taste2022-05-13T02:29:17-05:00

Shear Perfection


A couple, along with scores of resident sheep, occupy in harmony a remote Scottish isle. The resulting wools are worn around the world.

Shear Perfection2022-05-13T03:01:41-05:00

The Art of Rugs


Inspired by her paintings, Charlotte Culot's luxurious carpets are an artful foundation for any room—whether on the floor or the wall

The Art of Rugs2022-05-13T03:22:36-05:00

Southern Sensibilities


Barbara Westbrook collaborated with an architectural team to create a new South Carolina Lowcountry home that appears to have arisen out of the past

Southern Sensibilities2022-05-16T06:40:25-05:00


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