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Back To The Land: A New Way Of Life In The Country


New York’s Hudson River Valley, my home for decades, has become a destination and a brand as hip as Brooklyn. Just 90 minutes north of New York City, visitors here enjoy excellent hiking, shopping, inns, museums, and historic sites, though much of the beauty and charm of our region is deeply rooted in the earth around us—earth now being worked by a new generation of farmers.

Back To The Land: A New Way Of Life In The Country2024-03-01T09:39:42-06:00

Kingdoms of Riches


An exhibition in New York of Indian court paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries reveals one collector’s passion for cultures and traditions far distant from his own—but which speak to all people

Kingdoms of Riches2024-03-01T09:39:33-06:00

Creative License


Can a graphic designer and creative director also be a fine artist? Yes, as Lisa Hunt proved repeatedly.

Creative License2024-02-01T09:22:28-06:00

A Pattern of Life


Gilly Newberry’s confident eye and collaborative spirit shaped a successful career that continues to influence the world of design. Bennison Fabrics introduces a fabric named in her honor.

A Pattern of Life2023-12-05T11:39:14-06:00

Leaving A Mark


Here, as with all of his projects, interior designer Darryl Carter has accomplished what he always does best—to make a serene, comfortable home that accommodates any lifestyle

Leaving A Mark2023-12-05T11:41:24-06:00

Collector’s Item


A new riverfront home in a charming Southern town near New Orleans is a repository for its owner’s evolving collection of art and antiques

Collector’s Item2023-12-05T11:40:59-06:00

Telling A New Story


Designer Sheila Bridges reinterprets traditional toile forms to reflect contemporary experiences relevant to her life and everyone’s

Telling A New Story2023-09-01T09:27:02-05:00

Furlow’s Folly


In fond memory of Furlow Gatewood (August 28, 1921 - October 29, 2022), we wanted to share this story about Furlow's new collection, Furlow's Folly, with his dear friend John Rosselli, published in the Winter 2020 issue of MILIEU.  Even at the young age of 98, he never stopped designing beautiful pieces for the home.  "Furlow Gatewood: Always loved. Never Forgotten. Thank you." - Leslie Newsom Rascoe, MILIEU Design Director, and producer of "Furlow's Folly"  for MILIEU

Furlow’s Folly2023-02-08T14:25:25-06:00

Seasonal Transformations


When she’s at her California home, a Houston interior designer marks the seasons by tying on new slipcovers—colors and prints for the fall and winter, and calmer pastels for spring and summer

Seasonal Transformations2022-12-14T10:31:27-06:00


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