Magazine Stories by Fall 2021

Firm Foundation


MILIEU's Editor-at-Large, along with an acclaimed architect, worked together to create a new home and a family whose rooms are filled with joy

Firm Foundation2022-05-13T02:54:25-05:00

Perfect Imperfect


Belgian designer Boris Vervoordt recognizes the beauty of flaws as elements to introduce into the home

Perfect Imperfect2022-05-13T02:53:38-05:00

In Shape


Italian artist Mirco Marchelli looks closely at the world, translating memories, colors, even sounds to his canvases

In Shape2021-11-19T10:09:45-06:00

The Couple That Designs Together


Courtney and Randy Tilinski, founders of Bungalow Classic, created a home base for Atlantans, while also creating a lasting home together

The Couple That Designs Together2021-12-13T15:49:51-06:00

Man on the Edge


Everything Milton De Paul, Creative Director for Samuel & Sons, does is meant to motivate the design world to rethink passementerie—with fringe benefits and all the trimmings

Man on the Edge2021-12-13T15:51:51-06:00

Sicilian Interlude


Through his camera's eye, MILIEU contributing photographer Peter Vitale reveals Sicily, a place that remains in focus for everyone upon visiting

Sicilian Interlude2022-05-09T13:02:39-05:00

Feeling at Home


A travel writer settles into her stay at Mexico's Hacienda de San Antonio, aware that the experiences she has there will endure in her memory

Feeling at Home2022-05-09T12:55:28-05:00

Window Pane Raffia Wallcovering Collection


WINDOW PANE RAFFIA WALLCOVERING COLLECTION Gregorius | Pineo Window Pane Raffia Wallcovering collection RF-146, in Madagascar

Window Pane Raffia Wallcovering Collection2022-05-13T03:30:49-05:00

Tadla Collection


TADLA COLLECTION George Spencer Designs Tadla Collection of linen-wool fabrics

Tadla Collection2022-05-13T03:30:02-05:00


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