Magazine Stories by Spring 2021

Early Inspirations


EARLY INSPIRATIONS It was on a school outing to Paris in the days of my youth that I made my first visit to Versailles, and there I happened upon the exquisite creations of Pierre-Benoît Marcion (1769–1840), furniture [...]

Early Inspirations2022-05-13T02:26:31-05:00

Oscar Niemeyer


Known for his curvilinear, organic forms, Oscar Niemeyer was a key figure in architecture and design. He created landmark buildings and iconic furniture in his native Brazil and abroad.

Oscar Niemeyer2022-05-13T02:27:26-05:00

Cultivating Good Taste


Thirty minutes and a world away from the bustle of Nashville, Bloomsbury Farm cultivates far more than organic vegetables.

Cultivating Good Taste2022-05-13T02:29:17-05:00

A Work in Progress


A WORK IN PROGRESS At 87, Sam Gilliam is enjoying a career high. In 2018 the artist unveiled a major commission for the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and in 2022 he will be [...]

A Work in Progress2022-05-13T02:29:59-05:00

Royal Ride


Leaving from Edinburgh, the Belmond Royal Scotsman train trip is a journey through history and geography. It’s the ride of a lifetime.

Royal Ride2022-05-13T02:31:07-05:00

In Harmony


Richard Hallberg, designer and founder of Formations, was commissioned to transform a Los Angeles house, inside and out

In Harmony2022-05-13T02:43:44-05:00

Sunrise, Sunset


A new beach house on Pawleys Island, South Carolina, brings family members together, with one another—and the views

Sunrise, Sunset2022-05-13T02:44:45-05:00


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